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25 in 3

The PowerLine provides more POWER for professional working and allows
completely new applications. Comes with 3 motors, full metalLine parts and much
more to build up to 25 different machine setups like circular saw, heavy duty
router, large lathe, 6-axis machines, ... all in a wooden toolbox to store everything


  • 25 combination with the three motor
  • Wood application
  • Metal application
  • PowerLine application


Autonomous working due to eased access to machinery
Lower costs allow for the acquisition of several devices, many students can work at the same time. Thanks to high safety permanently monitoring is not required.

Profound expert knowledge instead of producer specific knowhow
Everything learned on these machines can also be applied on big ones. Nothing is so specific that it is only valid here.

Most easy handling, putting into operation and maintenance
The simple and modular set up enables a fast insight into the functionality of the machine, appling them does not require much prior knowledge. Service can be done easily yourself.

Use is location-independent
Due to the minor weight and sze the machines in a transport box can be administrated and handled as easily as video beamer for instance.