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3D Hotwire Cutting System

In the fi elds of model building, special packaging, decoration and show display, man-carrying airplanes up to wings for windfactories the many advantages of the Step Four system are appreciated. All current expanded and extruded polystyrene-foams can be cut. The PC processing guarantees absolute precision and reproduction without any programming knowledge.




This is what the Step Four Professional Cutting Software has to offer you create your cutting parameters using one of the available computer design or CAD programs, export the geometrical data in the form of an HPGL or DXF fi le and load it in the Step Four software. It is of course compatible with the Step Four standard wing cutting software.

The new developed turn table enables the creation of 3D-bodies. This useful accessory offers individual adjustable turning angles. The contours can be varied in any desired angle i.e. each angle can be arranged to a specifi ed contour. You also can turn the work piece during the cutting procedure.



Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard 3

Standard 4


working area

300 - 1400 x 560 x 320 mm

300 - 1400 x 770 x 320 mm

1400 x 560 x 470 mm

300 - 1400 x 770 x 470 mm

300 - 1450 x 1000 x 1000 mm


Trapezoid thread 10x2 mm

Trapezoid thread 12x3 mm


linearity through friction bearings on 12 mm precision shafts

linearity through friction bearings on tempered and
polished 20 mm precision shafts

accuracy of positioning
Inversion error

max. positioning error <0.1 mm/100 mm, max. inversion error <0.05 mm, Accuracy of repetition 0,01 mm


2-phase stepper motor with 0,9°, 4-axes chopper drive with half step, 230 V 50 HZ, 115 V 60 HZ

cutting transformer

Voltage adjustable through control knob or PC-interface in 0.2 V steps of 0-24 V

full electronic control for constant wire temperature
while cutting

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.