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4 in 1

PLAYMAT is a realistic, fully operational, modelmaking system. It was developed for the youngest "Do-It-Yourselfers". PLAYMAT is a real machine, but in spite of it, turning, sawing, drilling and sanding with PLAYMAT is mere "child´s play".
Thousands of enthusiastic children have produced tiny artworks in their schools and during our workshops, thereby testing the suitability of this tool´s diverse variations. Due to the child-proof construction of all the machines, there is no danger of injury. Skillfull youngsters can produce their first workpieces even during their pre-school years.
The PLAYMAT kit from CoolTool® contains all the necessary parts for building up to four different, real working machines which are easily assembled:




Featured for the best result quality
Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro™ is very easy to use. You position your printed cover on the illuminated table; the suction assistance, registration marks and centre line ensure an accurate placement. Once the boards are attached to the cover, you easily fold the edges on the integrated edge-wrapper. This folding unit is adjustable for different board thicknesses.

Versatile applications
The applications are illimited: books and photo book covers, CD, DVD and Blue-ray cases, ring binders and many more. It's the ideal solution for photographic studios, photo labs and professional photographers as well as digital printers, copy shops and on-demand publishers.



Woodturning machine:
for soft wood with a diameter of up to 30mm
Point width 130 mm
Peak height 36 mm
Spindle revolution 3700 R/min
Engine performance 15 Watt
Rated speed 11000 R/min

for plywood with a thickness up to 6mm, balsa up
to 20 mm
Saw plate surface 90 x 90 mm
Cut strength Plywood up to 6 mm
Stroke rate 3700 R/min

Drilling machine:
for the screw drilling of wood
Desk surface 90 x 90 mm
Distance desk surface - spindle nose 0 to 36 mm
Discharge 36 mm

Sanding machine:
for the sharpening of tools and finishing of workpieces
Disk revolution 3700 R/min
Sharpening surface Ø 32 mm