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6 in 1

UNIMAT1 can be assembled into six or more different machine tools, each no larger than a simple sheet of paper, within seconds. The machines have the same features as big industrial machines, the only difference is their size. The UNIMAT1 machine tool kit is available in two different basic equipment kits and thanks to the extensive accessories it is
unlimited upgradeable.





Motor: 12.000rpm, 12V DC, 3A
Headstock: M12x1, hole through spindle: 8mm
Reduction: 6:1 or. 2,3:1 (2.000 or.5.200 rpm)
Tailstock: M12x1, travel of tailstock 15mm
Slide travel: 30mm – 200mm
Machine vice: cap.: 25x35mm
Adapter: 12V DC, 24W