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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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Using AVR128 and ARM7, user can learn the Basic input-output control practice, RS-232C / RS- 485 communication practice,DAQ linked practice using LabView.



1. Microprocessor-based practice using ATMEGA128.
2. Microprocessor-based practice using ARM7.
3. Function of I/O practice.
- Graphic LCD
- Character LCD
- 7 Segment(4EA)
- Switch
- Buzzer
4. Function of Communication practice.
- RS-232C / RS-485
5. Function of Sensor practice
- Analog temperature Sensor
- Digital temperature Sensor
- Pressure Sensor
- IR Sensor
- CDS Sensor


1. Learning Microprocessor technology using ATMEGA 128
2. Learning Microprocessor technology based on ARM7 Core
3. Compatible with NI DAQ interface.
4. Understanding Data acquisition using LabView manufactured by NI, learning DAQ interworking of Digital Input/Output, Analog I/O, Counter/Timer, Sensors, etc.
5. Understanding Sensor signal
6. Basic training of Electrical, Electronic practice.
7. 10V Power(0~5V, +/-10V) Built
8. BNC connector is included for Digital trigger and Analog I/O.





ATMEGA 128 16Hz 8bit MPU

High 32Bit RSIC Architecture(ARM7)


16*2 Character LCD, 128*64 Graphic LCD


4 Digit


RS-232C, RS-485

Fixed Voltage

±10V, 5V

Adjustable Voltage


Analog Input

Min 4Ch

Digital I/O

Min 8Ch (Control Signal Included)

I/O Sensor

Analog, Digital temperature sensor

Pressure sensor

IR Sensor, Reflective IR sensor

CDS Sensor

Etc I/O

Push Pull Switch

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Parts Q'ty
  • Min Board(Sensor Included)
  • MPU Board
  • LCD Board
  • I/O Sensor Board
  • Etc I/O Board
  • Communication Board
  • UTP 8P Cable
  • Serial Cable
  • DC Adapter
  • Carry Bag
  • User Guide