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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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BLUETOOTH Embedded Headset Kit
Model: BEHK-100


Experiment for the Commercial Product developing process. Using Commercial software program released with products. Hands on practice for the program coding.





  • Provide three experiment contents
    - Volume control
    - Audio control
    - LED control
  • Manufacturing experiment of a Kit
  • Learn program usage and coding
  • Application experiments and answers are supplied

Training Contents

Ⅰ. Embedded Software Setup Guide

  • Introduction
  • Software Setup
  • Compile and Download
  • Persistent Store Setting
  • Cygwin Commands

Ⅱ. Software Application Handbook

  • Introduction to Bluetooth Embedded Headset
  • Exercises
  • Relevant Library Manual
  • Glossary

Ⅲ. Application Exercise Answers

  • Answers

Ⅳ. Users Manual





BEHK-100 Specification

BLuetooth Chip set

CSR (BC02-External)


Bluetooth V1.1

Operating range

10m (Class 2)


2.4 GHz


Headset and Audio gateway


Ver 1574



BEHK-100 Components

Headset board

1 ea

Audio gateway board

1 ea


2 ea

USB charging cable

2 ea

Install CD

1 ea

Aluminum Case

2 ea

Ear sets

2 ea

SPI cable

1 ea

Audio Cable

1 ea