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BHN-1000 is an experimental equipment to educate Basic Embedded system including C-language Programming and Control, connected with Sensor & Commercial products.


  • BHN-1000 equipment use ATMEGA-128 MPU (low-Power, high-performance). User can study micro-processor Programming, embedded I/O control and RS-485, RS-232C, Ethernet communication programming
  • BHN-1000 designed to help embedded programming study. This equipment have many interesting device to use. (2-line text LCD, LED, Buzzer, Thermometer, EEPROM etc) And this equipmenthave external 32kbytes SRAM, so user doesn't need to worry about large program
  • BHN-1000 support many port, so user can use-type of sensor or actuators. BHN-1000 have analog 4 channel, (8port), digital 16bit output port, digital 8bit input port, high-performance 8 relay ports.
  • User can study specially about the digital communication subject (data encryption / decryption, error-recovery algorithm, communication network methodology.)by connecting the BHN-1000 to BHN-1000 or BHN-1000to other communication equipment
  • LABview Communication & Control Practice


  • Wired communiction with RS-485, Ethernet
  • RS-232C PC monitor functions
  • Remote control function by infrared RX / TX
  • 220V AC, 24V DC ON / OFF conrol by Relay port
  • 1M bits EEPROM support
  • Internal Thermometer
  • 16bit Digital Output, 8bit Digital Input port
  • 4 Channel Analog Input (ADC included)
  • 2 Line Text LED, 8Push Keys, Buzzer, LED User Interface support



Training contents

Part 1. Introduction of System

Chapter 1. Introduction of BHN 1000 practice

Chapter 2. Installation and use of BHN 1000

Chapter 3. Introduction of how to use AVR studio

Part 2. Basic Practice

Chapter 4. ATEGA128 C Programming Basic practice

Chapter 5. Text LCD Programming practice

Chapter 6. Keypad Programming practice

Chapter 7. Thermometer I/O Programming practice

Chapter 8. EEPROM Programming practice

Part 3. Control Practice

Chapter 9. Digital Display Programming practice

Chapter 10. Digital Input Programming Practice

Chapter 11. Analog Input Programming practice

Chapter 12. Relay Control Programming practice

Chapter 13. Infrared RX / TX Programming practice

Part 4. Communication Practice

Chapter 14. RS-485 Communication Programing practice

Chapter 15. Ethernet Communication Programming practice




ATMEGA128 16MHz 8bit MPU (32k External SRAM)



RS-232C (Monitoring)

RS-485, Ethernet (Communication)

User Interface




2 Line Text LCD


8 Push Keys

1 Buzzer

I/O Port





16 bit Digital Output Port

8 bit Digital Input Port

4 Channel Analog Input (ADC Included)

8 Relay Port (220V AC, 24V DC 10A)

1 Infrared TX / RX Port



Internal Thermometer

1 Mbits EEPROM

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematicâ„¢ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Main Package

  • Main board
  • 12V DC Adapter
  • 9V DC Adapter

Module Package

  • Pressure Sensor Module
  • Gas Sensor Module
  • Infrared Sensor Module
  • Key Matrix Module
  • LED Module
  • DC Motor Module
  • Buzzer / Lamp module
  • Thermometer Module
  • FND (Seven SEgment)


  • RS-232C Monitoring CAble
  • RS-485 Communication Cable