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BLUETOOTH Telecom Trainer
Model: BT-2007

An experimental equipment to educate Bluetooth technology for software protocol stack and hardware through step by step experiment.


1. Protocol Analysis and Simulation/Emulation

*Protocol Training

  • Protocol Processing Procedure
  • Protocol Learning
  • Protocol Signaling

*Profile Training

  • Profile Learning
  • Profile Signaling
  • Profile Processing Procedure

2. Demo Function

  • Audio Conversation
  • File Transfer
  • Chatting

3. Data Communication Experiment Using Various Interface. (USB,UART)

4. Hardware Experiment is Available.

5. Multi Purpose Usage. (Education, Research and Development)

6. Bluetooth Host Programming

7. Options for Application

8. Full Documents.



1) Hardware Experiment : Theoretical and Practical Hardware training about Bluetooth Technology
2) HCI Protocol Experiment : Theoretical and Practical training on HCI Protocol
3) L2CAP Protocol Experiment : Theoretical and Practical training on L2CAP Protocol
4) RFCOMM Protocol Experiment : Theoretical and Practical training on RFCOMM Protocol
5) SDP Protocol Experiment : Theoretical and Practical training on SDP Protocol
6) Protocol Stack Experiment : Understanding Overall Structure of BT Protocol and Programming
7) Profile Stack Experiment : Understanding FTP Profile

Training Contents

Part I Introduction

  • Overview 1. What is Bluetooth
  • Practice 1. Installation Settings & Application Software

Part II Hardware

  • Practice 2. Power
  • Practice 3. Interface
  • Practice 4. Codec
  • Practice 5. RF Module

Part III Bluetooth Protocol Monitoring

1. HCI Protocol Monitoring

  • Practice 6. HCI Initialization and Inquiry
  • Practice 7. HCI Connection
  • Practice 8. HCI Disconnection
  • Practice 9. HCI Data Transmission

2. L2CAP Protocol Monitoring

  • Practice 10. L2CAP Connection
  • Practice 11. L2CAP Disconnection
  • Practice 12. L2CAP Data Transmission

3. RFCOMM Protocol Monitoring

  • Practice 13. RFCOMM Connection
  • Practice 14. RFCOMM Disconnection
  • Practice 15. RFCOMM Data Transmission

4. SDP Protocol Monitoring

  • Practice 16. Data Transmission between SDP Client and Server

Part VI Bluetooth Protocol Emulation

  • Practice 17. Protocol Stack Emulation

Appendix A. Monitoring Programming File Separation
Appendix B. References


WATS-2002 Specification





Bluetooth Firmware Version


Bluetooth Specification Version


Bluetooth Core chip

CSR BlueCore02-External

Bluetooth Module




Codec Filter

13bit Linear PCM






Operating Frequency Range

2402 ~ 2480 [MHz]

Occupied Channel Frequency

1 [MHz]

Transmit Power Level

+4 [dBm] (Class 2)

Receive Sensitivity

-80 [dBm]





WATS-2002 Components

Carriage Bag

2 ea


2 ea

Adaptor (DC 9V/1.5A)

2 ea


1 ea

Program CD(Multi-media CD)

1 ea

Main Body

2 ea

USB Cable

2 ea

UART Cable

2 ea

SPI Cable

1 ea


2 ea

BT Module

2 ea