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ECTK-100 helps users learn basic theories of electronic components and how to apply them to electric circuits through practical trainings. For the practices, ECTK-100 provides 36-type sample modules and 27-type PCBs for manufacturing practices.  ECTK-100 is composed of 3 parts, and each part handles passive electronic components, active electronic components and sensors.  With theoretical materials of 34-week course text book and practical trainings through kit, ECTK-100 can provide high-efficiency education about electronic components



  • Understand types and characteristics of electronic components. 
  • Understand trend of electronic component industry and technology.
  • Understand types and characteristics of passive electronic components and do practical trainings
  • Understand the types and characteristics of active electronic components and do practical trainings
  • Understand the types and characteristics of sensor components and do practical trainings.
  • Compose electric circuits with major electronic components.
  • Do measuring practices for electronic components with measuring devices.
  • Understand characteristics of basic electronic components for Robots, embedded systems, and new renewable energy generating systems


  • ECTK-100 helps users learn roles and characteristics of basic electronic components.
  • Helps users learn how to apply components with practical trainings.
  • ECTK-100 provides 37 sample modules & 27 PCBs for manufacture practice.
  • ECTK-100 is composed of 3 parts, which are passive electronic components, active electronic components and sensors.
  • Passive electronic components part : resistor, capacitor, inductor, battery, connector, switch, relay, solar cell, motor, microphone, speaker, antenna, PCB, LED&7-segment.
  • Active electronic components part : diode, zener diode, transistor, crystal oscillator, microprocessor, rectifiers, SCR, operational amplifier, etc.
  • Sensor part : Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, gas sensor, pressure sensor, infrared sensor, human body sensor and tilt sensor.
  • There are TEST PINs in each module to measure characteristics of each component-applied circuit.
  • Text book carries 34-week course materials composed of theories, practices and reports.


  • chapter 1 Introduction
  • chapter 2 Trend and and forecast of electronic
  • chapter 3 Basics of Resistor
  • chapter 4 Capacity characteristics of resistor
  • chapter 5 Applications of Resistor
  • chapter 6 Basics of Capacitor
  • chapter 7 Applications of Capacitor
  • chapter 8 Basics of Inductor
  • chapter 9 Applications of Inductor
  • chapter 10 Battery
  • chapter 11 Connector
  • chapter 12 Switch
  • chapter 13 Relay
  • chapter 14 Solar cell
  • chapter 15 Motor
  • chapter 16 Mike
  • chapter 17 Speaker
  • chapter 18 Antenna
  • chapter 19 PCB
  • chapter 20 LED & 7segement
  • chapter 21 Diode
  • chapter 22 Zener Diode
  • chapter 23 Basics of Transistor
  • chapter 24 Applications of Transistor
  • chapter 25 Oscillator
  • chapter 26 Microprocessor
  • chapter 27 Rectifier
  • chapter 28 SCR
  • chapter 29 Operational
  • chapter 30 Application of Operator Rectifier
  • chapter 31 Temperature sensor and Humidity sensor
  • chapter 32 Gas sensor and Pressure sensor
  • chapter 33 Infrared sensor and Human Detection sensor
  • chapter 34 Tilt sensor



Spec Q`ty

Frequency Range

20Hz ~ 6 [MHz]

Input Voltage

DC 3.3~12V

Output Voltage

AC 1V,DC 5V,DC7.2V

Substrate material


PCB thickness

1.6 [mm]

Operating Temperature

-20'C ~ 50'C

Relative Humidity

0% ~95%






Carrying bag

1 ea


The finished modules

36 kinds


Manufacturing PCB board


27 kinds

Manufacturing Dipole Antenna



Components for manufacturing PCB board

1 Set

27 kinds

Manual book