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ERT-5000 provides experiments on embedded programming and network construction in Internet


This is an educational equipment which enable user to have training over Network Configuration and Embedded Programming Practice on Internet Enviroment

  • Embedded programming practice of TCP / IP protocol suite
  • Network configuration practice based on
  • TCP / IP protocol analysis
  • Embedded program porting practice


1. Understanding the concept of Network and Router

2. Hardware practice of embedded Network and router

3. ERT-5000N

  • Link and Compile of Application Program and RTOS
  • Loading and Verification od compiled program

4. ERT-5000R

  • Network Configuration Practice
  • RIP Router Configuration
  • Firewall Configuration
  • OSPF Router Configuration




Software program

1. Software Program for Manual 1

  • DEMO Program
  • ARP Program
  • IP Program
  • Ping Program

2. Software Program for Manual 2

  • Static Routing Program
  • RIP Routing Program
  • OSPF Routing Program
  • Firewall Program





Training contents

Vol. I Embedded Network Programming Experiments (for ERT-5000N)

Part I Embedded Network and Enviroment

Chapter 1. Introduction to Routing Network System

Chapter 2. Network Configuration Method

Chapter 3. Introduction to ERT-5000 and Hardware

Part II Software Practice Enviroment of Embedded Network Board

Chapter 4. System Installation

Chapter 5. Loading and debugging Enviroment

Part III Basic Practice for Embedded Programming

Chapter 6. Practice for Demo Programming

Chapter 7. Practice for Packet Transmission Programming

Chapter 8. Practice for Pracket Transmission and Receive Programming

Part IV Practice for Embedded Programing Application

Chapter 9. Practice for Hyper-terminal Command Programming

Chapter 10. Practice for Ethernet Interface Setting Programming

Chapter 11. Practice for Ethernet Protocol Programming

Chapter 12. Practice for ARP Programming

Chapter 13. Practice for IP Programming


Vol. II Embedded Router Experiments (for ERT-5000R)

Part I Embedded Router and It's Enviroment

Chapter 1. Introduction to Routing System

Chapter 2. Network Building Technique

Part II Practice of Static Routing

Chapter 3. What are Defult Router and Static Router

Chapter 4. Practice of Default Router and Static Router Operation

Chapter 5. Practice of Default Router and Static Router Programming

Part III Practice of Firewall

Chapter 6. What's firewall

Chapter 7. Practice of firewall Operation

Chapter 8. Practice of firewall Programing

Part IV Practice of RIP Routing

Chapter 9. What is RIP Routing Lab

Chapter 10. Practice of RIP Routing Operation

Chapter 11. Practice of RIP Routing Programming

Part V OSPF Routing Test

Chapter 12. VLSM and Aggregation

Chapter 13. What's OSPF Routing

Chapter 14. Practice of OSPF Routing Operation

Chapter 15. Practice of OSPF Routing Programming








Intel PXA255 400MHz (ARM RISC Chip)


SDRAM -64 Mbytes


Nor Flash -4 Mbytes

Nand Flash

64 Mbytes


CS8900 10 Mbytes 5 port

Serial port

Full UART 1 Port

AC Power

100 / 220V 1.5A

USB Interface

Ver 2.0

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  • Main body
  • Textbook
  • Program CD(Multi-media CD)
  • Print Cable
  • LAN Cable
  • UART Cable
  • AC Cable
  • USB Cable