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Solar Panel - GT 1500

The GT-1500 Clean Electron Generation Panel provides students an introductory hands-on interactive experience with the 3 leading sources of alternative energy generation technologies.


Basic Wind Turbine Operation

Installing and testing a wind turbine

Off-Grid Wind Turbine Systems

- Configuring and testing off-grid

Wind Power System Design

- Design/create a wind turbine

Basic Solar Power Operation

Installing, combining and testing
solar panels.

Advanced Solar Panel Systems

- Configuring, testing and operating off-grid solar installations.

SolarPower System Design

- Design/create a solar charging system for portable hand-held devices.

Basic Fuel Cell Operation

Connecting a fuel cell for electrical generation

Advanced Fuel Cell Operatins

- Configuring, testing and operating off-grid fuel cell installations.

Adding a Fuel Cell to an Alternative Power System

- Connecting a fuel cell into alternative energy systems for off-grid operations.

Combining Wind and Solar Power Systems

Configuring and testing combined alternative energy systems for off-grid operations