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The GT-2500 Sustainable Conservation Technology Panel provides students an introductory hands-on interactive experience with multiple energy design, monitoring and auditing processes and technologies.

Energy Auditing

Measure electrical consumption of devices and electrical loads in residential & commercial buildings.

Measure lighting loads and implement power saving options for various structures.

Evaluate insulation values associated with different common insulation materials.

Environmental Monitoring


Use a portable datalogger to gather environmental data for analysis.

Evaluate the insulating qualities of soil and water.

Employ a humidity sensor to record humidity levels.

Measure and chart temperature changes in various areas of a structure as heat levels and insulation materials change.

Sustainable Architecture


Determine structural components of residential and commercial buildings affect on energy consumption.

Use Computer Aided Drafting & Design software to plan sustainable residential & commercial structures.

Use heating/cooling techniques associated with solar lighting and window placement

Green Structure Design

Design and create a residential structure using green technology and applying LEEDS standards.