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Layer Milling Devices

With the advanced Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro™, you produce professional tailor-made cases in the format of your choice, up to 13˝ x 13˝ in a matter of minutes. You imagine and design the cover of your dream, you print it on your digital printer (laser or inkjet). Then, you just follow the easy steps on your Casematic H32 Pro to produce the actual case or cover.

Fully featured and compact, this table top unit can fit naturally in any environment and cover all short runs and on-demand needs.


  • Multi-purpose : milling, engraving, drilling, film cutting, 3D milling.
  • No special programming knowledge necessery
  • Works with all current CAD, CAM, Signmaking and graphic programs such as Corel Draw, AutoCad, EasyCut, Rhino, DeskProto and etc.
  • High precision and reliability
  • Sensational price-performance ratio.


Modern design - constructive optimization - maximum protection against dirt accumulation
Due to the special construction with milled aluminium junctions and extruded profiles no base plate is required. The work area can be open underneath. The combination of slide bearings and tempered and reinforced steel shaft offers optimum damping and protection against injuries and dirt.

The ability to work with almost any material makes the Step Four milling system an ideal tool for model and sample building, handicraft and trade, advertising technology, educational and training purpose.

Depending on the spindle and tool used, you can process almost any materials such as plastics, metal,wood, compound materials and many more in various levels of thickness.


High precision and reliability

Easy use and maintenance



Basic 540

Basic 1000

Positioning range (x/y/z)

510 x 308 x 70 mm

1024 x 420 x 70 mm

Dimensions (x/y/z)

850 x 580 x 350 mm

1370 x 670 x 350 mm

Positioning Speed

2.000 mm/min

1.250 mm/min

Spindle x/y axis

trapezoid thread 12x3 mm

trapezoid thread 12x3 mm

Spindle z axis

trapezoid thread 12x3 mm

trapezoid thread 12x33 mm

x axis shaft

16 mm

20 mm

y axis shaft

16 mm

16 mm

z axis

16 mm

16 mm

Tool - Referrence Switch




25 kg

30 kg

Net weight

66/ 75 lbs

29.7/ 34 kg

* The tools ( router, plotting knife and so on ) are not included at the milling mechanical systems.