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Antenna Training System
Model: MATS-1000

MATS-1000 includes RF Signal source of 0.3~6GHz.
It's used to educate Antenna Characteristics, Gain, Radiation Pattern, Impedance Matching and to Design & Manufacture Antenna.

1. RF signal generator is included
2. Practice for Antenna characteristics is possible
3. Signal frequency and Output power is variable.
4. Suitable for training Antenna design, manufacturing, measurement.
5. Practice is possible without extra measuring equipment
6. Auto calibration is included to set maximum input power position.



1. Practice for Antenna characteristics

  • Practice for the Radiation pattern [Supplying Antenna]
    - Yagi antenna
    - Chip antenna
    - Dipole antenna
    - Monopole antenna
    - Loop antenna
    - Patch antenna
    - Inverted F antenna
    - Array Patch antenna
  • Practice for the Antenna characteristics by varying source frequency
    - Resonance frequency
  • Practice for Designing, Manufacturing and Measuring the following;
    - Yagi antenna
    - Loop antenna
    - Dipole antenna
    - Practice in GUI Environment

2. Practice in GUI Environment

Training Contents

Part 1. Introduction and Installation of Program

  • Chapter 1. Introduction of system
  • Chapter 2. Program Installation and Instruction

Part 2. Practice for Antenna characteristics

  • Chapter 3. Practice for Dipole antenna
  • Chapter 4. Practice for Yagi antenna
  • Chapter 5. Practice for Monopole antenna
  • Chapter 6. Practice for Loop antenna
  • Chapter 7. Practice for Ceramic Chip antenna
  • Chapter 8. Practice for Inverted F antenna
  • Chapter 9. Practice for Patch and Array Patch antenna

Part3. Practice for antenna Impedance matching and antenna Gain measurement

  • Chapter 10. Practice for antenna Impedance matching
  • Chapter 11. Practice for antenna Gain measurement

Part 4. Practice for antenna Design and Manufacture

  • Chapter 12. Manufacture of Dipole antenna
  • Chapter 13. Manufacture of Loop antenna
  • Chapter 14. Manufacture of Yagi antenna




MATS-1000 Specification















1) Variable in 300MHz~3000MHz

2) Variable in 5.0~6.0GHz

Output power

5 ~ -15dBm


25 [dB]


PLL frequency synthesized


50 [ohm]

Supplied Antenna Types




450 MHz : Dipole x2(PCB)

915 MHz : Dipole x2, Monopole

2.4 GHz : Dipole x2, Chip, Patch, Yagi x2, Inverted F, Array Patch, Loop

5.6 GHz : Horn[Option], 5.8GHz Yagi×2

Practice for Antenna Manufacturing

Yagi, Loop, Dipole






Control Method


Antenna Angle Control


360˚, 3600 step

0.1˚ / Step

Angle Control Range


Motor Rotation

Front, Back, Step



MATS-1000 Components


1 Set

Manufacturing antenna

3 ea

Antenna Base

2 ea

Wrench set

1 set

Carrying Bag

1 ea

50ohm Terminator

2 ea

Text Book

1 ea


18 ea

Program CD

1 ea

Antenna Fixing Bracket

2 ea

Horn Antenna [Option]

1 ea