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MBPT-1000 is the training system which use can learn the Basic logic circuit practice, Stop watch control and DC motor control on Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus.



1) Project Development Functions using Various Sensor Module and Application Program
2) Analysis of Sixteen Channel Logic Analyzer
3) Eight Channel Digital Function Generation.
4) Automatic Checking of Equipment Status
5) Easy Monitoring using USB 2.0
6) Control and Connection to External Equipment using Extension of GPIO Pin


1) Support PLD Developing Environment based on
Xilinx ISE(Free Charge)
2) Support PLD Developing Environment based on
Altera Quartus (Free Charge)
3) Include Logic Analyzer
4) Include Digital Function Generator
5) Easy Result Analysis using Logic Analyzer Program
based on Window
6) Easy Management doing Diagnosis of Automatic
Equipment Status
7) Easy Maintenance by modulating various Input/Output
8) Possible Compiling Practice without Purchasing Compiler

Training contents

1. Introduction of System and PLD
2. Usage and Developing Environment of Xilinx ISE
3. Usage and Developing Environment of Altera Quartus
4. Practice for Basic Logic Circuit

  • Basic Gate Experiment
  • Logical Experiment

5. Practice for Logical and Operational Circuit

  • Experiment of Full Adder and Subtracter
  • Experiment of 4-bit Size Comparator
  • Experiment of 4-bit Adder and Subtracter

6. Practice for Data Interface

  • 3-State Buffer Experiment
  • 3*8 Decoder Experiment
  • Encoder Experiment
  • Multiplexer Experiment

7. Equipment for Flip/Flop and Register

  • Flip/Flop Experiment
  • Counter Experiment

8. Practice for Analog Data Input/Output

  • D/A Converter
  • A/D Converter Experiment


9. Practice for Input/Output of Display Equipment

  • Dot Matrix
  • LED Display Experiment


10. Communication Equipment Practice

  • Experiment of Data Communication IC


11. System Production Practice I

  • Stop Watch
  • Digital Watch
  • Electronic Balance
  • DC Motor Control




Main Body

Operating Voltage

DC 9V±5%

Current Consumption

600 mA

(Logic Analayzer)

USB2.0, Window XP

PLD Board


DC 3.3V±5%


DC 3.3V±5%

I/O Board

Switch Board

Push Pull, Toggle, 8Tap DIP Switch


Red Color LED

LED Matrix

8x8 LED Matrix


6 FNDs Array, Single FND


10Bit DAC + LED + DC Motor


10Bit ADC + Variable Resister + FSR


MAX3232 + DB9 Connector

Bread Board





Xilinx Parallel Download cable Compatible

Altera Byte Blaster Compatible


Reference Clock





AC 110-220V Free Voltage

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Main Board 1EA
  • 2 Type CPLD Board(Xilinx, Altera)
  • 10 Type I/Os
  • JTAG Dual(Byte Blaster/JTAG)
  • USB Cable
  • DIO Cable
  • DIO Buffer 3·RS-232C Cable
  • DIO Bus Cable
  • DC Adapter
  • Carry Bag
  • Wraping Wire
  • Nipper
  • Textbook