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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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Internet of Things

Communication trainers

Microwave Training System

RFID Training System

Wireless Training System

Network Training SYstem

Microprocessor Embedded Trainer

Renewable Energy Lab Equipment

Electric Component Training Kit

Basic Electronic Circuit Training Kit

Factory Automation Training System

Remote Motion Capture Robot



  • Basic training on FPGA and 7 different peripheral devices.
  • Application exercise like wireless RC CAR auto & manual drive mode practice.
  • Coding exercise using VHDL.
  • connention and control of external equipment using extended GPIO.


  • Optimal product to the students beginning FPGA(Cyclone).
  • Able to design various components and train components interface as it is interfaced with AVR and FPGA(Cyclone) which is installed to MBPT-2000¬†main board.
  • Providing various peripheral devices and availabile of various exercises such as DC motor, step motor, ultrasonic sensor & infrared sensor, serial communication, VGA, SW&LED and ADC board.
  • Available of wireless RC CAR control using FPGA+AVR.