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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

BLUETOOTH Sterea Earset / BLUETOOTH Stereo Gateway
Model: MBS-100 / MBS-110

This product contains wireless stereo earset and stereo gateway using BLUETOOTH technology.
You can enjoy wireless phone call and music with MBS-100 connected to BLUETOOTH embedded cell phone.
Also, by using stereo gateway it can be connected wirelessly to TV, MP3, PC and audio set in addition to the cell phone.


- Experiment on hardware manufacturing
- Real time music play back by using BLUETOOTH
- High quality music play back ( BLUETOOTH standard SBC and MP3 supported)
- Provide long time use (Music play back time :
9 hs, Talk time 11hs, Standby time 150hs)
- Rechargeable battery
- Can be connected to various audio sets through stereo gateway
- Buttons designed for user's convenience
- Free from interferencing waves Center





- Experiments on hardware manufacturing
- Support phone call while listening to music
- music start/ pause/ stop/ rewind/ forward functions
- Accept/ hang up/ rejection / redial functions in phone call
- Alarm rings when battery charging is needed

Training Contents

Users Manual




Standard of MBS-100 / MBS-110

BLUETOOTH standard

Ver 1.2

Supported profile

head set, hands free, audio transmission, audio remote control profile

Using frequency


Trasmitting power


Receiving sensibility

-83 [dBm]

Using distance

in 10[m]

Music play back time

9 hours

Talk time(phone call)

11 hours

Standby time

150 hours

Full-charge time

2 hours




54*28*12 [mm]



Ear set [MBS-100]


1 ea

USB charging cable

1 ea


1 ea


1 ea


Stereo gateway[MBS-110]


1 ea

USB charging cable

1 ea

Connection cable

1 ea