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MBT-100 is a trainning system providing hardware manufacturing practices, external module control practices, I/O control practices using microprocessor and practices regarding applications of home security & RFID technology



  • Comprehension to Microprocessor Hardware manufacturing
  • Input and Output control using Microprocessor
  • External Module control using Microprocessor
  • Practice for Home Security and RFID application of Microprocessor


  • Using the ATMEGA128, User can comprehend the basic technology of Microprocessor
  • Comprehend the embedded system construction and its operation through actual practice
  • Experience the real practice by using various sensor module and application program
  • Practice for Control and to connection of External Equipment using Extensible GPIO Pin
  • Easy practice of program download using ISP
  • Compiler is provided by free of charge


Training Contents

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction of MBT-100
Chapter 2. Environment Construction for Practice

Part 2. Basic Practice of Hardware
Chapter 3. Structure of ATMEGA128
Chapter 4. Practice of ISP Assembling and Operation
Chapter 5. Practice of RS-232 Assembling and Operation .
Chapter 6. Practice of GPIO connection and LED Operation
Chapter 7. Practice of RFID Reader Operation
Chapter 8. Practice of Text LCD Operation

Part 3. Practice of C-Programming
Chapter 9. Operating practice to Buzzer Beep using IR Sensor
Chapter 10. Operating practice to LCD output using IR Sensor
Chapter 11. Operating practice to Buzzer Beep using Force Sensor
Chapter 12. Operating practice to LCD output using Force Sensor

Part 4. Application practice
Chapter 13. Reading practice to TAG data through RFID reader
Chapter 14. Detection practice by IR Sensor.
Chapter 15. Detection practice by Force Sensor


Package Contents