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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000


An experiment equipment to educate basic concept of the Full Duplex wireless system and Mobile telecommunication


  • Full Duplex Voice & Data Communication
  • Half Duplex Voice & Data Communication
  • Practice of RF interference & mobile enviroment
  • Chatting by using computer
  • Board level and dull system level experiment is available using one set
  • Auto Mode and Manual mode can be selectable
  • Built-in software equal to the Commercial Products
  • Operating like as Commercial Mobile Product in Auto Mode
  • 16 x 2 Character LCD
  • LED Indicator
  • Over Charge Protection

Training Contents

Part 1. Introduction of Product

Experiment 1. Full Duplex Mobile Telecommunication Lab Equipment

Experiment 2. Power Lab

Part 2. Audio Frequency Part

Experiment 3. Condenser Mike and Limiter

Experiment 4. Compressor

Experiment 5. Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis

Experiment 6. Expander

Experiment 7. Band-Pass Filter and Squelch Circuit

Part 3. Radio Frequency

Experiment 8. PLL Oscillator I

Experiment 9. PLL Oscillator II

Experiment 10. Transmitting Part

Experiment 11. Receiving Part

Part 4. Control Part

Experiment 12. Microcomputer and Key Matrix Control Peripheral Circuit

Part 5. Full Duplex Communication

Experiment 13. Half-Duplex Transmitting Integration Experiment

Experiment 14. Half-Duplex Receiving Integration Experiment

Experiment 15. Full-Duplex Integration Experiment

Experiment 16. Radio Enviroment Experiment

Experiment 17. Chatting by using Serial communication


Communication Method

Full Duplex / Half Duplex

Channel Access

Multi Channel Access

Frequency Range

Base 46.51 ~ 46.97 [MHz]

Remote 49.67 ~ 49.99 [MHz]

Output Power

+4.5 [dBm] max


15 Duplex Channels

Bandwidth / Channel

25 [kHz]



Frequency Stability


Receiving Sensitivity

Over 20 [dB] SINAD (at -100 [dBm] )

Auto Channel Scan Time


Data rate

2400 bps

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematicâ„¢ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Mobile set
  • Carriage Bag
  • Handset
  • Adaptor
  • Base set
  • Textbook
  • Program CD (Multi-media CD)
  • RS-232C Cable


Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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