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Modular Turning and Milling Systems

The CoolTool for flexible and innovative applications

Particularly for our innovative customers, we extended the UNIMAT Metal - Line by the "CNC" function. Due to the proven modularity of the UNIMAT system almost innumerable combinations and ranges of application are open to you. Not only that makes the Unimat CNC series suitable for the educational area, also the low costs and the minimal risk of injuries speak for themselves. TheUNIMAT-CNC Slides, Turning axis (rotary table) Milling Machines and Metal Lathe are delivered with 2A stepper motors.



Samples of potential machine variants

Unimat fullmetal 3-axis CNC-horizontal milling machine

Unimat fullmetal 3-axis CNC-vertical milling machine

Unimat fullmetal CNC 4-slide vertical milling machine

Unimat fullmetal 4-axis CNC-milling system


Unimat fullmetal CNC-lathe

Unimat fullmetal CNC-lathe with
controlled headstock spindle



Rhinoceros / Flamingo / Desk Proto..etc.

Milling- and turning software (Linux - Ubuntu - EMC2 - AXIS)

Milling and turning software ( Windows 2000 - Win Xp - Win Vista )