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With the advanced Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro™, you produce professional tailor-made cases in the format of your choice, up to 13˝ x 13˝ in a matter of minutes. You imagine and design the cover of your dream, you print it on your digital printer (laser or inkjet). Then, you just follow the easy steps on your Casematic H32 Pro to produce the actual case or cover. Fully featured and compact, this table top unit can fit naturally in any environment and cover all short runs and on-demand needs.


  • FPGA design experiment for Robot control using FPGA module (Altera, Xilinx Module)
  • Microcontroller application experiment for Robot control using 8bit AVR module (ATmega128L)
  • Embedded processor application experiment for Robot control using Embedded Process module
  • Hands-on robot experiment using various modules of HBE-MCU-Multi
  • Robot line tracer experiment using infrared sensor application
  • Sensor data processing with sensor LEDs (8)
  • Design by using option devices (Segment, Buzzer, Button Switch, LED)
  • Mobile Experiment on long-time battery driving through large-capacity rechargeable battery


Line detection & driving experiment on FPGA module design
- Experiment on line detection & driving on the floor through sensor and the ALTERA & XILINX modules of HBE-ComboII.
Line detection & driving experiment with AVR microcontroller module
- Experiment on sensor data processing and motor control by using the AVR microcontroller(ATmega128L).
Line detection & driving experiment through various 8bit microprocessor application modules
- Experiment on line detection & driving on the floor through sensor by using the ATMega128 MCU module of HBE-MCU-Multi.
Robot application experiment with various embedded Processor modules and serial communication
- Experiment driving control by receiving sensor values from the Embedded Processor module of HBE-SM II or HBE-SM through serial port.
Line detection & step motor driving experiment through infrared sensor
- Detect lines on the floor through 8 infrared sensors and check the status of sensor detection through 8 LEDs.
- Adjust the input waveform of sensor values through variable resistance of sensor board.
- Conduct free travelling through 2 stepping motors and adjust torque through motor driver control.
Battery powered long-time duration experiment with large-capacity battery
- long-time duration and large-capacity of rechargeable battery as11.1V, 5400mA.
Advanced robot experiment with various application devices
- Various robot peripheral experiments with 7-segment, buzzer, LED and button switch.



  • Battery Charger 12.6V 1.2A 1ea
  • 8 Power cable 1ea
  • Download cable(AVR-ISP) 1ea
  • USB A-B cable 1ea
  • CD 1ea

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