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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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Microwave Experiment Kit
Model: MW-1000

An experimental equipment to educate Microwave Component
Design, Manufacturing, and Measuring techniques include
Microstrip line theory and Microwave device design theory.


Experiment in Microwave component design and
Manufacturing & Measurement using microstrip line theory.


  • Study the mocristrip line design theory
  • Study the basic theory of microwave component
  • Microwave component design & simulation
  • Microwave component manufacturing
  • Microwave component measurement
  • Microwave component analysis of characteristics

Training Contents

Part IIntroduction

  • Chapter 1 Microwave Experiment Kit Overview

Part II Experiment of the Microwave passive Component

  • Chapter 2 Tapered Line Impedance Transformer
  • Chapter 3 Wilkinson Power Divider
  • Chapter 4 Quadrature Hybrid Coupler
  • Chapter 5 Coupled Line Directional Coupler
  • Chapter 6 Folded Lange Coupler
  • Chapter 7 Unfolded Lange Coupler
  • Chapter 8 180°£ Hybrid
  • Chapter 9 Stepped Impedance Low Pass Filter
  • Chapter 10 Coupled Line Band Pass Filter




MW-1000 Specification




2.0 [GHz], 2.4 ]GHz]

Input Impedance

50 [ohm]

Connecting Loss

0.3 [dB]

Substrate material


PCB thickness

0.787 [mm]

Dielectric Constant




MW-1000 Components

Main Components

9 ea

Carriage bag

1 ea

Text book

1 ea


2 ea

50ohm terminator

2 ea

Answer Sheet

1 ea