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RF Design Technology System
Model: RFDT-1000

RFDT-1000 helps users understand basic and importatnt techniques of RF circuit design through theories, manufacturing practices and measuring particles.


1. Help users acquire basic RF circuit designing skills.

2. Helps users acquire RF module manufacturing skills.

3. Provides RF circuit measuring practices.

4. Provides chip componenets' value measuring practices in high frequency band.




  • Understanding port extension skill.
  • Understanding how to measure chip impedance and changes of the impedance.
  • Understanding principle of microstrip stub and impedance calculation.
  • Udnesrtanding RF choke design and characteristic measurement.
  • Impedance matching : L,C matching converter, Stuv matching, L,C Matching in transmission line.
  • LC filter1: Understanding types and operatin of low pass filter, Implementing them on microstrip lines and measuring characteristic values.
  • LC filter2: Designing&manufacturing band pass filter and understand its characteristics.
  • Designing, manufacturing and tuning monopole antenna.
  • Designing microstrip patch antenna and understanding power feed.

Training Contents

Chapter 1. Port Extension

Chapter 2. Measuring Chip Impedance

Chapter 3. Microstrip stub

Chapter 4. RF choke

Chapter 5. Impedance Matching 1 (using lumped element L, C)

Chapter 6. Impedance matching 2 (using a converter)

Chapter 7. Impedance matching 3 (using stub matching)

Chapter 8. Impedance matching 4 (using L and C loaded on transmission line)

Chapter 9 . LC low pass filter

Chapter 10. LC bandpass filter

Chapter 11. Monopole Antenna

Chapter 12. Microstrip Monopole Antenna

Chapter 13. Microstrip Patch Antenna 1

Chapter 14. Microstrip Patch Antenna 2

Chapter 15. Microstrip Patch Antenna 3





RFDT-1000 Specification

Frequency Band

20[MHz] ~ 3[GHz]



Substrate material

FR- 4

PCB thickness


Dielectric constant


Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ 50℃

Relative Humidity

0% ~95%



RFDT-1000 Components




The finished PBA


52 types

Practice and manufacturing RF PCB


56 ea

Chip componenet (R.L.C)

46 kinds

2,300 ea (46kinds x 50ea)

Copper tape


1 ea

Enameled wire


1 roll

RF Cable


2 ea

Text book


1 book

Carrying bag


1 ea

Chip componenets measuring JIG


1 set