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RFID Shopping System, which could replace the Bar-code system, can be actually applied to commercial products as well as educational use. RFID Shoppiong System is not the system identifing each product's price one by one like bar-code system but the system identifing the whole items at short time through RFID technology.
That is, Reader identify the every goods' prices at one time through Tags that is attached to every goods. If total amount of prices which is loaded into one shopping cart identified by Reader is automatically calculated and the information is transmitted to PC.
More detailed explaination is as below ;
1) put the goods with tag into shopping cart.
2) if the shopping cart passed the counter, RFID Antenna identify the UID information from every goods through the Tag and the information is transimitted to PC server.
3) every goods information and its prices are displayed on PC monitor calculating total amount of prices and identifing the list of items.
4) if user present RFID Ta