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Remote Motion Capture Robot




  • RMR-1000 provides a detailed robot control techniques through the offered control environment in which the robot moves in a same way with the detected user´s movement.

  • User´s arm joint motion is recognized to control robot arms. The direction of user´s eyes is recognized depending on the motion of user´s neck and head to enable the direction of the camera to be controlled. The camera isthe eye of the robot.

  • RMR-1000 has 3 control modes like below ;
    - Manual car drive mode
    - Automatic drive mode
    - Robot arm drive mode

  • RMR-1000 was developed for the motto to perform the mission in the dangerous condition that cannot be done by human or as a manless exploration robot.
    So, user can experience the actual practice as well as learning the  operation principles for the manless exploration robot carrying out the mission in dangerous area.


1.Manual car drive mode.
  The car moves forward, backward, to the left and to the right, depending on
   the direction of left hand to implement east control.

2.Automatic drive mode.
   Using the ultrasonic sensor which is installed to the robot front side, the car
   can avoid the obstacles and the infrared sensor prevents falling into cliffs or
   fits to move for itself.

3.Robot arm drive mode.
   By wearing the goggle, user can perform his mission of the robot arm 
   control that senses their motion to carry out missions.