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..A simple HBE-RoboCAR control experiment with HBE-RoboCAR internal 8-bit microprocessor (ATmega128L)
..Intelligent robot control through multiform embedded microprocessor modules (Embedded processor, FPGA, MCU)
..Detection of obstacles with ultrasonic and infrared sensor
..Detection of robot movement with acceleration sensor
..Line tracer driving through phototransistor on the lower part of main body
..Experiment of wireless control and using auxiliary sensor through USN interface
..Operation test of driving stage through DC encoder motor and stepping motor
..Mobile experimental environment with large current capacity of rechargeable battery


  • 1. Power Switch
    2. Power LED & Reset
    3. Interface Connector
    4. Wireless Network Connector
    5. Ultrasonic Sensor
    6. PSD Sensor
  • 7. LED
    8. Phototransistors
    9. Voltmeter
    10. Adapter In
    11. Charge In
    12. Battery In


Featured for the best result quality

  • Designed to control sensor value acquisition and actuator drive (ex.DC, step motor) using 8bit microprocessor (ATmega128) installed on HBE-RoboCAR main body. It is able to start with the basic robot driving training on simply its own main body only.
  • This unit is capable of making intelligent robot control experiment under multiform processor environment of several options of embedded processor, FPGA and MCU modules. Hanback Electronics has the product portfolio to provide flexible robot experimental environment that can be used as intelligent robot brain module with interface connector of HBE-RoboCAR. (Intelligent robot brain module and driving unit communicate each other using serial communication).
  • It provides various types of sensors like ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, acceleration sensor, photo sensor, making it possible to make control experiment of robot driving under various environments.
  • It is designed to enable mounting and removing stepping motor and DC motor to provide various robot control experiment themes of driving part.
  • It offers Ubiquitous Sensor Network interface, making it possible to make wireless control experiment and auxiliary use of several kinds of sensors





8-bit AVR, Microcontroller with 128K Bytes Flash Memory, Main control


8-bit AVR, Microcontroller with 8K Bytes Flash Memory, Voltmeter control


Up to 4A DC Motor Driver 2EA

Ultrasonic sensor

40.0±0.5KHz Frequency, 2.0KHz Bandwidth, 2EA

Accelerometer sensor

Dual-Axis Accelerometer sensor 1EA, Duty Cycle

PSD sensor

Distance Measuring Sensor 1EA, 10-80cm


8-groups Infrared rays sensor


DC geared motor 2EA, DC geared encoder motor 2EA


5V input Buzzer 1EA


10mm high brightness LED, White 2EA, RED 2EA


Voltmeter Display, 3-Digit 1EA


+11.1V DC Input, DC Output : +5V, +3.3V


+11.1V, 5200mA Lithium Ion 1EA

Charge & Adapter

+12.6V 1.2A Battery Charger 1EA


Block Diagram

Experiment And Package Contents



Experiment Text

1.Control System
2. Robot System


3. Basic of Microcontroller
4. Controlling Robot
5. Developing Environment of AVR Microcontroller
6. Controlling Microcontroller
7. Controlling DC motor
8. Controlling Servomotor
9. Wheel actuator control and Sensor
10. AV actuator control and Sensor
11. Articulated actuator control and Sensor
12. Controlling Ultrasonic sensor

Package Content