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HBE-RoboCAR Vision

  • Intelligent Mobile Robot control Experiment
  • Automatic Detection of obstacles with Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors
  • Detection of Robot movement with various Sensors applications
  • Line tracer driving using the phototransistor at the bottom of body
  • Large capacity battery supports Full time Experiment and
    operation without Power limit


1. Station : Image receiver
2. USB : Receiver Interface to PC USB Interface
3. Rx Antenna : Receiver Antenna for
Communication between Robot and PC
4. Switch : Power Switch
5. Pan Motor : Serial Servo Motor
6. Tilt Motor : Serial Servo Motor
7. Camera : CCD Type
8. Tx Antenna: Transceiver Antenna for
Communication between PC and Robot



  • Designed to educate the basic Robot actuator and embedded Micro-Processor(ATmega128) Application for Sensor signal processing and actuator control
  • Robot Image processing and View point Control Vision Algorithm development using Pan/Tilt actuator and duplex wireless communication supporting camera
  • Provides various Sensors such as Ultrasonic, Infrared, Accelerometer, and Photo sensor for Robot actuator control experiment
  • Image Processing for Intelligent Mobile Robot applications using wireless vision solutions
    supports Vision solution experiments and studies properly.


  • Supporting Micro-Processor(ATmega128) Firmware Design for Actuator Control.
  • Supporting Remote Image Monitoring PC Utility and Design resources.
  • Providing Image processing Design resources of Color and motion detection on PC Windows application.





8-bit AVR, Microcontroller with 128K Bytes, main control


8-bit AVR, Microcontroller with 8K Bytes, Voltmeter control


Up to 4A DC Motor Driver 2EA


Digital Packet communication, Remote control

RF communication

2.4G - 2.5G selected frequency


VGA CMOS image sensor 30fps

USB, RS232

USB Full Speed,RS232(9600 - 115200bps)

Image format

Motion JPEG 20fps at 160*120

Ultrasonic sensor

40.0±0.5KHz Frequency, 2.0KHz Bandwidth, 2EA

Accelerometer sensor

Dual-Axis Accelerometer sensor 1EA, Duty Cycle

PSD sensor

Distance Measuring Sensors 1EA, 10-80cm


8-groups Infrared rays sensor


DC geared motor 2EA, DC geared encoder motor 2EA


5V input Buzzer 1EA


10mm high brightness LED, White 2EA, RED 2EA


Voltmeter Display, 3-Digit 1EA


+11.1V DC Input, DC output : +5V, +3.3V


+11.1V, 5200mA Lithium Ion 1EA

Charge & Adapter

+12.6V 1.2A Battery Charger 1EA

Block Diagram




Experiment Text

1.Vision Robot General
2.Development Environment
3.Making Vision Project
4.Basic Programing
5.Control Output device
6.Mesurement of Input device
7.Remote control baced on Video Data
8.Image processing
9.Face tracking
10.Color Recognition
11.Shape Recognition
12.Driving using IR sensor and Camera

Package Content

2.HBE-AVR-ISP Programmer
3.Battery Charger

4.USB Cable
5.USB Mini cable
6.Textbook and CD

Experiment Environment

Robot Driving Control

Face Tracing Control

Color Detection Control

Shape Recognition Control