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Embedded System is essential for various Industries like Communication device, Airplane, Mobile Phone, Medical Instruments, Automobile and Shipbuilding. And recently this has been played an important role in those industries, so these days Government establish policy to develop technologies and conduct various plans to build up the foundation.

Especially Embedded System technology is magnified as an important policy issue of Ministry of Knowledge Economy in charge of all Industries. So it is expected that Embedded System creates various New Industries as the core technology of IT Convergence field.

HBE-SM II-P270/P320 is Powerful Educational Platform integrating Embedded System technologies by Hanback Electronics Co.,Ltd. into one Platform. This makes all Educations performed from the basic education of Embedded System to Application Education, Intensified Education and IT Convergence Technology Education.

HBE-SM II-P270/P320 is able to used for Embedded System SW test based on various Embedded Operating Systems, Embedded System HW test based on Altera/Xilinx FPGA, Application Program test based on Android and OpenCV, Project class using 24 kinds of Option Module, and Captsone Design effectively.

Especially, HBE-SM II-P320 models has Google Android Porting (2008) for the first time and activates Education for holders in industries. And this has devoted to Industry Demand oriented Embedded System Education of University/Graduated School.

HBE-SM II-P270/P320 provides various samples by application fields and 12 kinds of special textbook and supports Design of Educational Process for holders in industries, Capstone Design subject, and Mentoring through special operation division for education.







Max print size (W x L)

29.1˝ x 14.5˝

740 x 370 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L)

27.5˝ x 13˝

700 x 330 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L x H) *

13˝ x 13˝ x 1.57˝

330 x 330 x 40 mm

Max. folding length


700 mm

Thickness of the cardboard

Up to 0.2˝

Up to 5 mm


110/115 V



50-60 Hz

50-60 Hz

Max Current



Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)

21.7˝ x 33.1˝ x 7.9˝

550 x 840 x 200 mm

Box Dimensions (W x D x H)

25.5˝ x 37.4˝ x 12˝

650 x 950 x 305 mm

Net weight

66/ 75 lbs

29.7/ 34 kg

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Corner Cutter
The optional corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners of your cover evenly and accurately.

Side and Back Quide
Side and back guide makes the registration of the cover material easier in an on-demand finishing environment.

Extra Spine Guides
Extra spine guides increase the range of applications to include personalized CD and DVD cases, punch & bind hard covers etc.

Corner cutter