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Fixture Free Soldering Station

Mueller provides an unprecedented way of innovation for lead-free solder joint. The design of Mueller Solder Safe is based on the position of users, and takes into account well about environement protection, safety, quality and efficiency. The engineers of Mueller are committing themselves to supply better products and service.


• Temperature Control – The temperature can be viewed as Metric (Celsius) and US standards (Fahrenheit) in fivedegree increments. The dial indicator will flash when climbing temperature and remain steady once it reaches the desired temperature.

• Speed – The speed dial controls the rate at which the solder moves toward the tip of the heating element. Virtually infinite numbers of speed can be obtained through the use of this dial.

• Span Modes – The unit contains two span modes that control the length of solder dispensed through the solder tip. The operator can choose the Continuous Mode, which allows them to control the span by actuating the foot pedal. Or, they have the option of the Pulse Mode, which actuates the span by depressing the foot pedal.

• Retract Control – The Retract Control allows the operator to "back up" the solder at the tip. It serves as the only control that works without the use of the foot pedal.

• Tip Adjustment – The tip adjustment is done through the use of a setscrew, which controls the solder tip.

• Height Adjustment – The height adjustment of three inches allows a total range of height between seven to ten inches, while the unit's vertical range is at 90 degrees from the base of the unit.

• Vertical Swing Adjustment – The vertical adjustment of the unit is 15 degrees up and 45 degrees down. This range of motion allows the user flexibility in the angle of the soldering off the base.

• Horizontal Swing Adjustment – The horizontal swing is 54 degrees from the zero-degree position (total of 108 degrees). This allows the operator to set the unit to any desired degree that performs a "best feel" while soldering.

Edge folding unit

Registration marks for thicker and thinner materials


Data Sheets

Input Voltage

220V or 115V

Maximal Power


Temperature Range

350OF~895OF / 175OC~480OC

Motor Output

DC 12V, 3.42W

Fan Output


Solder Feed Time

0~1 Second

Solder Feed Speed

0~4 inches (0~100mm) / Second

Controlling Mode

Pulse and Continuous (Optional)

Usable Solder Dia.

0.024~0.063 inches / 0.6~1.6mm

Retract Feed Speed

0~4 inches (0~100mm) / Second

Exterior Dimension (L x W x H)

14.5 x 6.4 x 12.9 inches
368 x 163 x 327 mm

Weight (Net)

6.8 Lbs. / 3.1 Kg


RoHS Compliant