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Styro-Cut 3D

STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine for the thermal treatment of styrofoam and similar synthetic materials


  • Basic equipment: Hot wire cutter; circle-cutting device with adjustable limit stop from Ø 45mm to Ø 600 mm; length stop, adjustable on both sides with fixing screw, length 250 mm, height 25mm; terminal, feed line with contour plug; transformer 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz.


With STYRO-CUT 3D, a common steel wire is heated up to 800 degrees Celsius that allows for cutting in any profile. The biggest advantages of the steel wire are: it can be formed into any shape, it is much more economical, and it has a
very long life. With STYRO-CUT 3D, the usage of expensive resistance wires, that can not be shaped, is no longer necessary. STYRO-CUT 3D allows for
plain, profile, circle, and angle cuts. In addition, with the hand apparatus, the user is able to shape with precision from a full workpiece, just like a sculptor. STYRO-CUT 3D has been developed for:
• decorators
• advertisers
• window dressing & shop display
• do-it-yourselfers
• the educational field
• packaging producers
• architects
• modelmakers
• stage designers
Other uses for this machine have been for mould-shaping and the ergonomic fitting of foam seats and cockpits.





Max print size (W x L)

29.1˝ x 14.5˝

740 x 370 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L)

27.5˝ x 13˝

700 x 330 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L x H) *

13˝ x 13˝ x 1.57˝

330 x 330 x 40 mm

Max. folding length


700 mm

Thickness of the cardboard

Up to 0.2˝

Up to 5 mm


110/115 V



50-60 Hz

50-60 Hz

Max Current



Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)

21.7˝ x 33.1˝ x 7.9˝

550 x 840 x 200 mm

Box Dimensions (W x D x H)

25.5˝ x 37.4˝ x 12˝

650 x 950 x 305 mm

Net weight

66/ 75 lbs

29.7/ 34 kg

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Technical Data

Table of impact and heat resistant plastic length 350x300mm with 2-coordinate adjustment tables, metric and inch Bow frame clearance 355mm, swivel range +/- 45° Circle cutting device for diameters from 45mm bis 600mm Ø Cutting Wire Ø 0,5-1,2mm, max length 500mm Electric unit: all-insulated in a plastic casing Transformer 25VA, 4-stage switch (0-1-2-3) Mains supply 230/110V,
50/60Hz Voltage on the cutting wire 0,6 /1,1/2V Current on the cutting wire Ø 1mm 9,7 A Temperature on the cutting wire 600-850° C Construction according to EN60335