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In general, the home automation robots, for example cleaning robots, have been moving toward to increase the intelligence and mobility. However, intelligence of mobile robots in currently used has their limited mobility with fixed wheels and body shapes to use only on the flat floors.
HBE-EROBO-Tank, as intelligent caterpillar traction tank robot with 1 joint & 4 arms, has many advantages in taking various postures, keeping the balance and overcoming obstacles. Being equipped with various sensors, it can control its posture and position, and provides a real-time wireless control function. Ubiquitous Sensor Network application experiments are prepared with ZigbeX mote and sensor modules.
The HBE-EROBO-Tank enables you to conduct Lab experiment on robot motor and sensor control
programming with the four ATmega128 microcontroller. Using optional HBE-KROBO robot
embedded ARM9 based processor board and robot stereo cameras, it is able to carry out a project
for an intelligent autonomous robot with vision.




    • Intelligent caterpillar traction mobile robot system
    • Easy to learn and use 8bit Microcontroller ATmega128 MCU
    • High performance Parallel processing platform using 4 set of 8bit Microcontroller
    • PSD and ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles
    • Tilt, acceleration and magnetic compass sensors to control robot movements
    • GPS module for robot position control
    • Encoder for each 6 DC motors accurate motion control
    • Flexible mobility with 4 arms and track
    • Real-time control with USN HBE-ZigbeX mote and IR sensor module
    • Advanced intelligent robot application with voice and vision awareness in combination with HBE-KROBO, 32bit ARM9 core embedded brain board (Option)
    • Size : 472mm x 590mm x 110mm
    • Power : 11.1V Lithium Polymer Battery
    • Free Environment setting tools for HBE-EROBO-Tank
    • Support example program source for basic LAB experiment operation
    • Support Standard teaching program, user manual, and user training





Harware Specifications

Micro Controller

ATmega128 (Program Memory 128Kbyte AD 10bit 8ch) * 4


32K*8bit Low Power CMOS Static RAM


DC12V Planetary Geared Motor (Reduction Ratio 1/212) & Encoder *6

RF Interface

HBE-ZigbeX USN mote & IR module

Base Sensor

PSD, GPS, Accelerometer, Tilt, Voltage Monitor, Temperature, Magnetic Compass, Ultrasonic


11.1V 1800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery


472mm x 590mm x 110mm

Software Specifications


GP2Y0A02YK : Position Sensitive Detector (for distance detection/obstacle monitoring)
Detection range : 20 to 150cm
Input : 4.5 to 5.5Vdc, Output : 0 to 3Vdc


G3-470 : Global Positioning System (for recognizing outdoor positions)
GSC3F / LP (High Performance GPS Single Chip)
4Mbit Flash Memory
SiRF Star III Solution
NMEA-0183 Compliant Protocol, SiRF Binary


ADXL202E : Acceleration sensor (for sensing movement/acceleration/vibration)
2-axis, Resolution : 2mg at 60Hz, Range : -2g to +2g


SA1 : Tilt sensor (for tilt sensing/posture control)
Measuring range : + 60i, Resolution : 0.1 degrees

Voltage Monitor

MAX8215 : Voltage monitoring sensor (for measuring battery voltage)
+5V, +12V Supply Monitoring


LM35 : Temperature sensor (for environment monitoring)
Linear + 10.0mV/iC scale factor, Rated for full 0℃~ 100℃ range

Magnetic Compass

OCDMC-0601M : Magnetic compass sensor (direction detection, compass)
2-axis, Resolution : 0.1。, Error: +1.5。


MA40S4R / S : Ultrasonic sensor (for measuring distances)
Frequency : 40KHz, Resolution : 9mm, Range : 5m

Block Diagram





Experiment Text

  • Mobile Robot System (HBE-EROBO-Tank)
  • Simple Motions of HBE-EROBO-Tank
  • ARM Position (Angle) Control
  • ARM Speed Control
  • Obstacle Avoidance using PSD Senso
  • Obstacle Avoidance using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Balance using Tilt Senso
  • Robot Movement using Magnetic Compass
  • Wireless Communication using Zigbee Module
  • HBE-EROBO-Tank Operation using Zigbee Module
  • Robot Position Estimation by Data Fusion
  • HBE-EROBO-Tank Movement using Location Information
  • Obstacle Avoidance Driving by Sensor Data Fusion
  • Vertical-Obstacle Overcome by Sensor Data Fusion


  • Remote Controler 1ea
  • 6 angles wrench (2mm) 1ea
  • AVR-J-Tag (Atmega128 program) 1ea
  • AVR-ISP V2.0 1ea
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 1ea
  • Power Supply (DC 12V) 1ea
  • USB A-B cable 2ea
  • CD 1ea
  • Textbook 1ea