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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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This system includes various wired control and wirelee control, which is build for home network experiment


  • This U-Home Network system, which uses wireless technology, is completely differentfrom those product with wire-based technology.
  • Wireless technologies embedded such as Bluetooth, IR and etc, in teh equipment and Ethernet communication (Wired and Wireless) technology is added on for network communication. It also includes wire-based control by using PLC, which enable real-time control of the system.
  • Since various number of controllers can be added abd controlled easily by flexible design, this equipment can be used in various field from home use to industrial use. Student will be provided with practical and ideal education system from this home network system trainer.


1. Wireless control function with

- Bluetooth technology

- Wireless LAN

- IR [Infrared] technology

2. Network control ability through Ethernet

3. Wire-based control ability through PLC

4. Illumination control ability of curtain and blinder

5. Control terminals are embedded system structure

6. Security control

- Guarding ability from robbery

- Guarding ability from fire

7. Information collecting ability through various industrial sensors



Training contents

  • Introduction to UHN-3000 Test system
  • Understanding Home network process and Practicing its operation
  • Practicing Home network Digital data output
  • Practicing Home network Digital data input
  • understanding and Practicing the principles of analog sensor operation
  • Understanding and Practice of the operating principle of relays
  • Understanding and Practice of the operation principle of teperature sensor
  • Understanding and Practice of the operating principle of stepping motor
  • Understanding and Practice for power/current control
  • Application of remote control of home appliances
  • Practice of Home network RS-385 communication
  • Practice of Home network PLC
  • Practice of Home network Bluetooth/Zigbee communication
  • Practice of ARS (Auto response system) Remocon
  • Appendix. Guides to UHN-GUI Installation and Operation
  • Appendix. UHN Communication Protocol


Host System






Bluetooth / Zigbee

Wireless LAN



UART : RS-232C (115,200bps)

IR In/Out 1ch

User interface



Graphic LCD (320*240)

Touch Screen Control

Full Duplex Audio path



Temperature Sensor

Alarm Control 2ch

Client System







Bluetooth / Zigbee

UART : RS-232C (115,200bps)

IR IN/Out 1ch

Wireless LAN



Data Collection and Control channel





Single Ended 4ch or Differencial 2ch

4~20mA Current loop 2ch

Open Relay 2ch(8A AC250V)

Digital in 4ch (Photo Isolation)

Digital out 4ch (photo Isolation, Open collector)

AC ON/OFF Dimming 1ch

Unipolar Stepper Motor 1ch

(Max Load Supply Voltage 46V, Max Output Current 3A)

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematicâ„¢ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



  • Host system
  • Client system
  • Digital Input module
  • Digital Output module
  • Stepping Motor module
  • DC Motor module
  • Gas Sensor module
  • Motion detector sensor
  • Lamp module
  • Infra-Red sensor I
  • Infra-Red sensor II
  • Temperature sensor
  • Buzzer / Lamp, module
  • Pressure sensor


  • Universal board, parts