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Scientific & Technical Product | UHN3000

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Equipment for experiment on wireless sensor control


  • USC-5000 is similar features to BT-3000 but more compact and slim in design
  • Bread board is added on the Master hardware as an additional feature. This will enable students to design and program control modules on the board
  • We also added Master contents as an optional purchase. CD and Textbook is supplied for 1:7 network experiment with the option

Training contents

1) Slave Content

Part I. Introduction Wireless

Chapter 1. Introduction to Ubiquitous Wireless Control System (USC-5000)

Chapter 2. Understanding of the PIC Microcontroller

Chapter 3. Understanding of the Server program and Technology of its operational principle

Chapter 4. Understanding of the Bluetooth Technology

Part II. Basic Wireless

Chapter 5. Inquiry response to wireless equipments

Chapter 6. Connection to wireless equipments

Chapter 7. Wireless Data / Voice Communication

Chapter 8. Disconnection to the wireless equipments

Part III. Experiment Wireless Application

Chapter 9. Remote DC / Step motor control

Chapter 10. Remote Power / Current control

Chapter 11. Remote Temperature sensor control

Chapter 12. Remote Infrared sensor control

Chapter 13. Remote Touch sensor control

Chapter 14. Remote Ultrasonic sensor control

Chapter 15. Remote Gas sensor control

Chapter 16. Remote Humidity sensor control

Chapter 17. Remote Pressure sensor control

1) Master Contents [Option : additional payment]

Section I. Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction to Ubiquitous Wireless Control System (USC-5000)

Chapter 2. Server program Installation and Operation Theory

Chapter 3. Understanding Bluetooth Technology

Section II. Basic Exercises

Chapter 4. Master Information confirmation Exercise

Chapter 5. Slave Device Inquiry Exercise

Chapter 6. Wireless Connection Exercise

Chapter 7. Voice Connection Exercise

Chapter 8.Voice Connection Termination Exercise

Chapter 9. Data connection Termination Reception Exercise

Section III. Wireless Application Excercises

Chapter 10. Data Reception Exercise

Chapter 11. Wireless Network Setup Exercise





Max print size (W x L)

29.1˝ x 14.5˝

740 x 370 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L)

27.5˝ x 13˝

700 x 330 mm

Max finished case size, opened (W x L x H) *

13˝ x 13˝ x 1.57˝

330 x 330 x 40 mm

Max. folding length


700 mm

Thickness of the cardboard

Up to 0.2˝

Up to 5 mm


110/115 V



50-60 Hz

50-60 Hz

Max Current



Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)

21.7˝ x 33.1˝ x 7.9˝

550 x 840 x 200 mm

Box Dimensions (W x D x H)

25.5˝ x 37.4˝ x 12˝

650 x 950 x 305 mm

Net weight

66/ 75 lbs

29.7/ 34 kg

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematic™ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Main package

  • Server
  • Clients
  • Program CD for Client contents
  • Textbook for Clients contents
  • Program CD for Server contents
  • Textbook for Server contents

Module Package

  • DC Motor control module
  • Step motor control module
  • Current control module
  • Light control module
  • Temperature sensor control module
  • Infrared sensor control module
  • Touch sensor control module
  • Supersonic control module
  • Gas sensor control module
  • Pressure sensor control module
  • Humidity sensor control module


  • Demo Processor PIC16F8772
  • Practice Prosessor PIC16F877
  • Power Adaptor (Output : 12V, 1.5A / Input : 50/60 Hz)
  • USB Cable
  • UART Cable
  • SPI Cable
  • Carriage & Storage Bag
  • 6pin Cable
  • 20pin Cable
  • Ear-microphone
  • Electric bulb Program CD for Slave contents
  • Textbook for Slave contents
  • Program CD for Master contents [Option]
  • Textbook for Master contents [Option]