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Education basic concept of USN Technology to Programming, Hardware practice of Real Time Wireless Sensor Network based on Tiny OS to Atmosphere Enviroment System, Water enviroment system, and Fire Prevention system


  • By using Commercial USN Communication, Reliability is confirmed
  • Using IEEE802.15.4 Layer supporting Zigbee Standard Protocol
  • Real Time wireless Sensor Network Construction based on TinyOS
  • Supply Ethernet, USB, Serial Interface Board
  • Data Transmission and Reception of 30 Mbps Indoor and 150 Mbps Outdoor at Maximum Speed using Ceramic Chip Antenna
  • Supply Various Sensor Board Optionally (Temperature, Humidity, Light, PIR, Magnetic)
  • Supply Interface Board for Sensor Extension
  • Supply Powerful USN monitoring Program
  • Supply Sensor Libarary, Example Source, Technical Document etc., and Assisting Education


  • Understanding USN Basic Principle
  • Training USN System Design Technology
  • Practice for IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee Communication
  • Training 6LoWPAN
  • Training Tiny OS Program
  • Training Various Sensor Node Practice
  • Training Practice for Application
  • Monitor Programming Function
  • Various Platform Function for Data Collector
  • Data Processing and Analysis Function
  • Various View Programming Function
  • Various Sensor Replacement by Function change of view Program
  • Internet Connectivity Function for Use od DB server



Training contents

Part I. Introduction of USN and Zigbee Technology

1. Introduction of USN technology

2. Introduction of Zigbee Technology

Part II. Hardware Structure and Software Practice Enviroment

3. Hardware Structure

4. System Installation of Software

Part III. Tiny OS and NesC

5. Tiny OS

6. NesC

Part IV. Practice for USN Embedded Programming

7. Demo Operation

8. Practice for Simple Blink Programming

9. Practice for Blink Programming usnig Timer

10. Practice for Sensor Programming

11. Practice for Sensing Data Display Programing

12. Practice for Transmission and Receiving Programming via Network

13. Practice for Broadcast Programming

Part V. Practice of Application

14. Practice for Property Management



MSP430 F1611


1 MB

RF Chip


Freq. band

2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz

Transfer rate

250 kbps


150 m (outdoor), 20 ~ 30 m (indoor)




Upporting Temperature, Light, Humidity, Vibration Sensor

LED for Confirmation of Power Link

Supporting PIR, Magnetic, Microphone



Data Rate

560 kbps


Tiny OS Installation Program Example Program etc.

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematicâ„¢ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Corner Cutter
The optional corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners of your cover evenly and accurately.

Side and Back Quide
Side and back guide makes the registration of the cover material easier in an on-demand finishing environment.

Extra Spine Guides
Extra spine guides increase the range of applications to include personalized CD and DVD cases, punch & bind hard covers etc.