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Wave and Antenna Training System
Model: WATS-2002

An experimental equipment to educate electromagnetic wave propagation in mobile communication and Antenna characteristics such as Radiation patterns, Fading and Propagation loss, etc.

1. Most experiment is possible without extra measuring equipment.
2. Antenna characteristics measurement.
3. Mobile communication propagation experiment.
4. Propagation modeling & Loss Simulation.
5. Auto Calibration.
6. User interface with GUI windows.


1) Antenna characteristic Experiment

  • Radiation pattern measurement
  • Antenna manufacturing and characteristic measurement

2) Mobile communication propagation characteristics experiment

  • Fading experiment (phase delay, power attenuation, multi path)
  • Standing wave experiment
  • Time delay experiment
  • Doppler frequency experiment

3) Mobile communication propagation environments simulation

  • Propagation model simulation

Training Contents

Part 1. Introduction and Installation of Program

  • Chapter 1 Introduction of WATS-2002
  • Chapter 2 Program Installation and Instruction

Part 2. Antenna characteristics Experiment

  • Chapter 3 Dipole Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 4 Yagi Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 5 Monopole Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 6 Loop Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 7 Ceramic Chip Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 8 Inverted F Antenna Characteristics Experiment
  • Chapter 9 Patch and Array Patch Antenna Characteristics Experiment

Part 3. Antenna Design and Manufacturing Experiment

  • Chapter 10 Dipole and Yagi Antenna Production and Analysis Experiment
  • Chapter 11 Loop Antenna Production and Analysis Experiment

Part 4. Mobile Communication Propagation Experiment

  • Chapter 12 Phase Delay Experiment
  • Chapter 13 Power Attenuation Characteristic Experiment
  • Chapter 14 Multi-Path Fading Experiment
  • Chapter 15 Time Delay and Doppler Effect Experiment
  • Chapter 16 Standing Wave Experiment

Part 5. Mobile Communication Propagation Environments Simulation

  • Chapter 17 Propagation Modeling and Propagation Loss Experiment



WATS-2002 Specification






914 [MHz] , 2.45 [GHz]

Output Power

+4.5[dBm] Max

Local Oscillation



50 [ohm]

AGC Dynamic Range

40 [dB]


21.7 [MHz]


Yagi, Chip, Dipole, Monopole, Loop, Patch, Inverted F, Array Patch






Control Method


Antenna Angle Control


360˚, 400 step

0.6˚ / Step

Angle Control Range


Position Calibration

Auto Calibration

Motor Rotation

Front, Back, Step



WATS-2002 Components

Main body

1 ea

Carriage Bag

1 ea


1 ea


14 ea

Training Antenna

3 ea

Antenna Base

2 ea

RF Coaxial Cable

3 ea

50ohm Terminator

2 ea

RS-232C Cable

2 ea


1 ea


1 set

Program CD(Multi-media Cd)

1 ea

Antenna Fixing Bracker

2 ea