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WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication Trainer
Model: WiMAX-5000


Allowing sudents to train themselves about experiment of WiMAX communication and embeded software environment, and about designing MAC software with WiMAX protocol stack using Montavista Linux and about OFDM modem theory. For these experiment, educational platform (AP & UE) and Specification & documents are supplied with software program as reference guide for exercise by students.



  • WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication
  • Provides demonstration with windows media player
  • AP (Access Point) receives video streams via server's Ethernet, sends them to UE (User Equipment) through WiMAX modem
  • UE (User Equipment) receives the data, and sends them to TE (Terminal) via Ethernet for performance
  • Understading of the emveded software environment and design using Montavista-Linux
  • Understanding of the basic design of MAC software using WiMAX protocol stack
  • Understanding of the basic theory of OFDM modem
  • Design and simulation fo MAC software
  • Experiments with real video streams using windows media player

Training Contents

Part1. Introduction to WiMAX Technology

  • Chapter 1 WiMAX Theory
  • Chapter 2 Hardware Installation and Operation
  • Chapter 3 Hardware Configuration and Practice

Part2. Software Practice Environment for Embedded Network Board

  • Chapter 4 System Installation and Software Practive Environment
  • Chapter 5 Loading and Debugger Environment

Part3. Basic Practice for Emvedded Programming

  • Chapter 6 Terminal Demo Programming Practice
  • Chapter 7 System Demo Programming Practice
  • Chapter 8 Packet Tx/Rx Programming Practice
  • Chapter 9 Practice with Initial System Selection Program
  • Chapter 10 Practice Programming Initial Ranging
  • Chapter 11 Practice Programming Basic Negotiation Procedure
  • Chapter 12 Understanding of API
  • Chapter 13 Example of Programming Exercise
  • Chapter 14 API Application Programming Exercise





1) General Specification

Baseline Standard

IEEE 802.16d

Multiple Access


Band Width

7 MHz

Data Rate

upto 1Mbps


Concatenated (Reed-Solomon, Convolutional) coding

Bit Intrerleaver

Block Interleaver


Adaptive Modulation (BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)


256 point FFT

External Interface

Ethernet (100 Base-T)


2) Module Specification

Baseband Transmitter








IEEE 802.16d compatible

Reed-Solomon Encoder

IEEE 802.16d compatible

Convolutional Encoder

IEEE 802.16d compatible


IEEE 802.16d compatible

I/Q Mapping

IEEE 802.16d compatible


IEEE 802.16d compatible

Add CP

IEEE 802.16d compatible


14 bit

Baseband Receive









Reed-Solomon Decoder


Viterbi Decoder


I/Q Demapper


Channel Compensator





12 bit

Power PC Processor








PPC405 Core in Xilink FPGA

Flash ROM





MontaVista Linux


C / C++

External Interface


Serial Interface



WiMax-5000 Application Program

Physical Driver Software for IEEE802.1 6d

Protocol Stack Software for IEE802.1 6d

Control Software including Diagnostic monitoring



WiMAX-5000 Components

Base station

1 ea

Mobile station

1 ea

Carrage Bag

1 ea

ATX Power Cable

2 ea

USB Cable

2 ea

SMA Cable

4 ea

Ethernet Cable

3 ea

Program CD

1 ea

Text book

1 ea

USB Gender & Driver CD

1 ea