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ZT-200 provides experiment on Zigbee comminication and sensor network based on Zigbee combined with various sensor


  • Experiments on features of various sensors and control of house appliance are available through Zigbee module
  • Experiment on sensor network through Zigbee module is provided
  • Various Expansion through expansion ports is available
  • Experiment enviroment is constructed in low price by using free compiler


  • Experiment on communication using Zigbee
  • Instruction on 802.15.4 MAC
  • Experiment on embedded programing
  • Saving data - 1 Mbit EEPROM provided
  • Experiment on terminal using USB
  • Experiment on various kinds of sensor

Training contents

Part 1. Introduction to Zigbee technology

Chapter 1. Introduction to Zigbee

Chapter 2. Zigbee technology

Chapter 3. Setting up hardware enviroment

Chapter 4. Installing and running software

Part 2. Practice enviroment of Zigbee system

Chapter 5. Loading and Debugging

Chapter 6. Running demo program

Appendix : Demostrating Zigbee node system which is an embedded system and runs on AVRSudio enviroment

Part 3. Zigbee system basic programming practice

Chapter 7. Programming using RTOS

Chapter 8. LED operation practice using RTOS

Chapter 9. Handling sensing data by using RTOS

Part 4. Middleware application programming

Chapter 10. Understanding embedded basic programming

Chapter 11. Physical layer programming practice

Chapter 12. MAC layer programming practice

Chapter 13. Network layer programmimg practice

Part 5. Encryption practice

Chapter 14. Reading sensing data in embedded system

Chapter 15. Reading sensing data in server system



ATMEGA128 8MHz 8bit process

Means of communication


Input / Output port

Expension of Address and data bus



The others

USB 2.0



Charge circuit


Acceleration sensor

Earth magnetic field sensor


Pressure Sensor

Temperature sensor

Infrared rays sensor

* An example, max size varies according to spine width.
Fastbind Casematicâ„¢ system: patented.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.