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Big Data Management Platform (Model:Big Data-EDU4.0)

  • Big data management tools and technologies are rising in demand all over the world due to the use of big data in business.
  • BigData-EDU4.0 is the integrated big data management platform helping the users to acquire the skills of finding business insights from their data through the practice of big data ingestion, processing, cleansing, storage, delivery, and monitoring.
  • Users can also have a Software training on metadata standardization and management.
  • CE Embedded OS.

Big Data Training System (GT-BDAP7000)

  • GT-BDAP7000 is BigData Analytics Platform.
  • BDAP is a data acquisition required for the big data technology / processing / storage / analysis that provides both such as the software platform traditional high-end DW system compared to low TCO and the expected linear performance gain.
  • BDAP is the main key feature of Big Data Hadoop emerging as the global standard technology to standardize & provide the performance, reliability, ease of use and optimized for the enterprise environment. In addition to big data, ranging from installation, user training, technical support, user can minimize the trial and error at the time of big data adoption by provided all services.
  • BigData – for Structured data, Unstructured data
  • Next generation – for the advanced DW system
  • Hadoop Based Platform
  • All-in-one-platform

Embedded IoT & Bigdata Training System (Model:GT-IoT&Bigdata700)

  • IoT&BigData700 is IoT training system using OpenWRT based VPN Smart Gateway and Arduino board that various sensors mounted. OpenWrt is an operating system (in particular, an embedded operating system) based on the Linux kernel, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic.
  • IoT&BigData700 is so configured as to allow practice of sensor control on the Arduino board through the VPN Smart Gateway as well as remote audio TV, Video control using Raspberry Module.
  • IoT&BigData700 provides benefits as follows:
  1. Things (sensors) are separated from the Internet (VPN Smart Gateway), allowing various interfaces such as USB Serial, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.
  2. It is possible to practice control of various sensors on the Arduino platform through the VPN Smart Gateway and
    possible to remotely control the real (commercial) home appliances of Audio.
  3. From the OpenWRT platform, the Internet is useful for expansion of various functions and security such as WWW, IPCAM, firewall, VPN, etc.