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ALL-IN-ONE VoIP Network Training System(Model : NB300A)

NB300A is ALL-IP network based on communications trainer in the existing configuration, which is complex and difficult to integrate IP telephony with custom made operational environment in a compact package called the ALL-IN-ONE solution.

NB300A has information and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and other IT related majors that are based on experimenting major underlying core, which is packet-based core specialty of voice, data, video, and principles of multimedia communications technology that makes it easy to identify.

Antenna Training System (Model:MATS-1000)

  • RF signal generator is included
  • Practice for Antenna characteristics is possible
  • Signal frequency and Output power is variable.
  • Suitable for training Antenna design, manufacturing, measurement.
  • Practice is possible without extra measuring equipment
  • Auto calibration is included to set maximum input power position.


  • This equipment is suitable for practicing features of antennas, radio characteristics of RF signals and standing wave characteristics.
  • This Antenna trainer is a device to make a Mobile radio signal which changes according to the radio propagation environment of a mobile and wireless system, and to practice impedance matching by using a Smith Chart, as well as an Antenna radiation pattern, Polarization character, Diversity reception characteristics. As a results, this Antenna trainer is so structured as to conduct education on measurement of radiation characteristics and strength of electric field with frequency of various antennas, characteristics of standing wave with frequency, media and distance and the SMITH CHART Tool that facilitates calculation of transmission lines for RF engineers.

BLUETOOTH Embedded Headset Kit Model: BEHK-100


Experiment for the Commercial Product developing process. Using Commercial software program which released with products. Hands on practice for the program coding.

BLUETOOTH Sterea Earset / BLUETOOTH Stereo Gateway Model: MBS-100 / MBS-110

This product contains wireless stereo earset and stereo gateway using BLUETOOTH technology. You can enjoy wireless phone call and music with MBS-100 connected to BLUETOOTH embedded cell phone. Also, by using stereo gateway it can be connected wirelessly to TV, MP3, PC and audio set in addition to the cell phone.

BLUETOOTH Telecom Trainer (Model:BT-2007)

  • BT-2007 is an experimental equipment to educate Bluetooth technology for software protocol stack and hardware operation procedure through step by step experiment.
  • Protocol Analysis and Simulation / Emulation
  • Demo Function
  • Data Communication Experiment Using Various Interface. (USB, UART)
  • Hardware Experiment is Available.
  • Multi Purpose Usage. (Education, Research and Development)
  • Bluetooth Host Programming.
  • Options for Application.
  • Full Documents.

BT-4000 Bluetooth S/W Program Development Kit

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances(using short-wavelength radio transmissions in the ISM band from 2400􀁭2480 MHz) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.
  • In BT-4000, user can learn about Bluetooth S/W Architecture and can learn about Host Control, Logical Link Control, Generic Access Profile.
  • BT-4000 Hardware provides Bluetooth Interface programming practice that below application areas can be implemented.
    1) RS232 cable replacement
    2) Truck/Bus monitoring system
    3) Car Diagnostics
    4) Wireless POS system
    5) Wireless machine(healthcare/industrial) monitoring
    6) Wireless Factory monitoring
    7) PLC programming
    8) Wireless Printing
    9) Wireless logistics



This equipment includes base station simulator function and mobile phone diagnostic function. This system is used with mobile phone and computer. This equipment is developed to experiment communication procedure between base station and mobile phone, and establishment of Base Station parameter.

CMTS-G7000M GSM Type, Cellular Mobile Network Analyzing System


CMTS-G7000M supports various Specs like below which is covering 2G & 2.5G and 3G and 4G of mobile technologies in real time operation by connecting with real Base Station. This system has below features.

  • Supports Asynchronous & Synchronous – Asynchronous [transmission] : GSM/GPRS, WCDMA (UMTS). LTE.
  • Provides real time logging and display of Layer 1,2,3 messages, Packet messages (PPP, TCP/IP, UDP), and RF KPIs
  • Up to 2 mobile terminals and 2 scanners can be put on test simultaneously (2Voice, or 2 Data + 2 Voice/MOS)
  • Provides quality measurement function for Data Service (FTP, HTTP, Ping/TraceRT, E-Mail, UDP, SMS, WAP)
  • Voice Service (Voice MOS)
  • Easy Port setting and sophisticated Auto-call scenario setting.
  • Provides Bench marking test for business customers, mobile terminals and systems.
  • Provides Real Time Mapping (MapX or MIF) function by interfacing with GPS (NMEA format)
  • Saves and edits user-defined values
  • Provides the information about the condition of equipments
  • Provides convenience for users with GUI
  • Provides voice alarm function
  • In-building Mapping as default (BMP file)
  • Replay Function for simple analysis (easy to use)


  • S/W CD : 1 ea
  • Phone Interface Cable (for interface between a mobile terminal and multi DM H/W) : 4 ea (1Slot -4 ea)
  • Multi DM H/W : 1 ea
  • LAN Cable (Connection between H/W and a lap top) : 1 ea
  • AC to DC Inverter : 1 ea
  • GPS Receiver : 1 ea
  • Mobile Phone (4G SIM Card type, or 5G SIM Card type) : 3 ea
  • Manual : 1 book


  • It is possible to practice ASK, FSK, PCM, TDM, PSTN, BPSK, QPSK, optical communication and wired / wireless communication experiments without any equipment
  • High precision digital signal generators and measurement circuits are equipped.
  • It consists of 8 independent experimental modules, so user can practice easily and conveniently.
  • Each module can be operated independently or inter-module.
  • Each lab module can be used for experimenting with other equipment..
  • Two electronic circuit modules can be mounted / tested simultaneously on the main body of the equipment allowing interlocking experiments between different circuits.
  • It provides various experiment exercises related to wired and wireless communication.
  • It is possible to transmit and receive digital data by connecting with a PC.
  • PC-based 2-channel analog oscilloscope S / W is basically provided.

Fiber Optic Connectorization & Splice Kit

  • These Kits are very necessary for termination and splicing the optical fiber. With metal cables you simply twist both the cables together and join them electrically.
  • In Optical Fiber you are required to match exactly the glass surfaces of both the fibers to make an optically perfect joint.
  • Any mismatch or gap between the surfaces will increase, the optical losses during transmission.
  • These Kits contains all necessary tools, consumables, connectors and cable to demonstrate and practice the process.
  • The focus is on the specialization and quality rather than just collecting material and supplying it.
  • A neatly written step by step procedure with pictures is provided in the Instruction booklets.
  • These kits form an important part of the Fiber Optic Laboratory.
  • One can understand clearly how optical fibers are joined and terminated.

Fiber Optic Line Field Service Trainer (Fiber Optic-5000)

  • Fiber optic line field service-5000 was developed to implement 5 functions such as OTDR, CWDM, Laser Soruce, Power Meter, Fault Locator in a single device.
  • Fiber optic line field service-5000 is the equipment for optical line field service.
  • In optical line field service, OTDR, CWDM, Laser Source, Power Meter, Fault Locator is mainly used.
  • Fiber optic line field service-5000 was developed to implement 5 functions such as OTDR, CWDM, Laser Soruce, Power Meter, Fault Locator in a single device.
  • Fiber optic line field service-5000 was developed for easy-to-carry size hardware. In particular, it was developed for fast speed in initial working stage through the short boot & run time.
  • By easy operation, untrained user can easily operate the system.
  • Fiber optic-5000 application software program, which is installed to all of Android terminals, is provided.
  • Fiber optic-5000 manual book is faithful to learn about the theory on OTDR, CWDM, Laser Source, Power Meter, Fault Locator. There are the detailed explanation of theory, formula,,, etc for OTDR, CWDM, Laser Source, Power Meter, Fault Locator.

Fiber Optic Trainer (Fiber Optic-3000)

  • This system is designed for users who practice Analog and Digital signal transmission experiment using the basic signal amplifier and the optic fiber.
  • Hardware architecture was modularized as per each functions for easy understanding on : Characteristics of optical devices, Characteristics on fibers, Configuration on peripheral circuits
  • All light sources used for the system are designed using the visible light spectrum so that users can visually check the light emitted from the system and can also observe the total reflection phenomenon of the optic fiber.
  • Users can check digital signal transmission and processing without a PC using the keypad and FND module provided with the system and can also perform experiments using the provided PC communication program.
  • Any users who are interested in optical communication can easily access this system to perform experiments. The system can also be used as a textbook at universities or for field engineers in the optical communication industries to learn about optical communication knowledge.

GPS-5000 GPS Trainer

  • GPS technology is widely being used for PDA, Smart phone, Navigation system etc.
  • GPS-5000 is the GPS training system enabling the user to acquire the skills of GPS technology through the practice of Satellite Position, GMT Time, Latitude, Longtitude, Speed, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, TTFF Time etc using GPS Platform and Protocol.
  • User can also have a Software training on GPS protocol, Analysis of GPS on Window CE Embedded OS.

GSM-5000 GSM Trainer

  • GSM-5000 is the training system enabling users to study GSM/GPRS communication protocol and to experience the
    overall knowledges about mobile communication through GSM module control. To control the GSM module, there is
    advanced set of AT Commands according to GSM ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institutes). GSM-5000 has full training contents of Command Level Study on AT Commands.
  • GSM-5000 is based upon GSM cellular phone and allows for connection to PC for operation and programming.
    This trainer is designed to instruct the students System operation, Theory, Programming, Servicing, Problem diagnosis of GSM cellular mobile systems.
  • GSM-5000 is mainly used for students to learn fundmentals in mobile communication systems such as mobile station network entry, calling process, network signals, AT Commands, Audio communication, Short message services,,,etc. The training covers the command level study with AT Commands, GPRS Intenet Connection, Multiplexer Protocol training and Hardware test experiments, Introduce of Embedded OS system and GUI programming on GSM-5000 through the provided source codes.

LTE Cellular Mobile Communication (Model:LTE-1000)

  • LTE-1000 supports mobile voice and data technologies, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, EVDO, LTE, VoLTE, LTE-A and WiFi.
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • No need of additional equipment
  • Application Software Installed on Android OS smartphone and Tablet computer
  • No need of additional equipment
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Various Call Test (Voice call, FTP, PING, HTTP etc.)
  • Real-time output on Google Map

LTE-9000 LTE Trainer

  • Provides automated test function of full-length modem to automatically measure the quality of wireless environment with various call test types. (Voice, FTP, Ping, Idle)
  • Various network tests (LTE, WCDMA)
  • Provides the same test environment as QxDM and provides the ability to collect logs innQualcomm format. (LTE, WCDMA)
  • Provides various analysis types of Call Data (Table, Graph, Map)
  • The measurement data file is transmitted to the server and provides the function of analysis through the Web

Microwave Communication Trainer (2.4GHz) (Model:MW-2000)

  • Allowing students to train themselves about Experiment in microwave components design and manufacturing
  • Measurement applying microstrip line theory and microwave device design theory.
  • For these experiment, standard devices and Specification & documents are supplied with software program as reference.

Microwave Communication Trainer (5.8GHz) (Model:MW-5000)

  • Allowing students to train themselves in microwave components design and manufacturing & measuring by using Passive and Active devices and program at 5.8GHz.
  • For these experiment, standard devices and specification & documents are supplied with software program as reference.

Microwave Experiment Kit (Model:MW-1000)

  • An Experimental Kit to Educate Basic Concept of Microstrip Line Design & Microwave Component Design
  • Study the microstrip line design theory
  • Study the basic theory of microwave component
  • Microwave component design & simulation
  • Microwave component manufacturing
  • Microwave component measurement
  • Microwave component analysis of characteristics


  • Full Duplex Voice & Data Communication
  • Half Duplex Voice & Data Communication
  • Practice of RF interference & mobile environment
  • Chatting by using Computer.
  • Board level and full system level experiment is available using one set
  • Auto Mode and Manual mode can be selectable
  • Built-in Software equal to the Commercial Products.
  • Operating like as Commercial Mobile Products in Auto Mode.
  • 16 x 2 Character LCD.
  • LED Indicator.
  • Over Charge Protection.

Power Line Communication Trainer

  • High-speed Micom Writer function using USB port.
  • Communication Experiment using PLC(Power Line Communication).
  • Various Micom Compling using MICOM STUDIO.
  • Providing the Writing Program (Read, Write, Erase, Check, Edit, Save) of Micom 8051 using USB port.
  • PLC (Power Line Communication) Programming practice.
  • Application Control Experiment.

PT-RFID-G100 RFID Logistic System

  • Logistics system using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • It is possible to read & write a characteristic of a product with RFID Tag.
  • P.L.C is used as a main controller.
  • Provide RFID Logistic System Operation Program (P.L.C)
  • Provide RFID Logistic System Simulation Software

RF Design Technology System (Model:RFDT-1000)

  • Helps users acquire basic RF circuit designing skills.
  • Helps users acquire RF module manufacturing skills.
  • Provides RF circuit measuring practices.
  • Provides chip components’ value measuring practices in high frequency band.

RFID 1356

  • RFID-1356 Kit is the best developer kit to characterize and understand the equipment of RFID 13.56MHz band. The kit is designed for use of university students, research institutions.
  • It is configured to be compatible with Arduino. User can control RFID reader, LCD, LED, and Buzzer under Arduino board environment or by connecting directly to PC.
  • RFID-1356 kit is high performance learning and training system for understanding basics, working and application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in the school or laboratories.
  • It comprises of Contactless RFID Reader, 5 Contactless RFID Cards, Host program, Firmware source and Texbook for lectures. Using this trainer, a professor can teach students the RFID technologies including Anti-collision algorithm.

RFID Logistic System RFID-5000


By deploying RFID Reader and Antennas to the path where the goods are input and destributed, user could know the followings ;

  • Ordering status from PC monitor which RFID operation S/W is downloaded
  • Input information of goods such as item, price and quantity.
  • Stock status which is stored into the rack
  • Inferior goods information which is sorted out while moving from input conveyor belt to rack.
  • Delivery order information
  • Distributing goods information after transporting to ordered place

As above process information is acquired by tag sticked on every goods. That is, if the good is passed over one place to another the good’s information is identified by Reader, Antenna and Tag. The information is transmitted to PC and its trace counted by RFID Logistic System. In conclusion, user can learn how to deploy and test RFID systems under real-world conditions to increase efficiency and cut costs & etc.

RFID Shopping System RFID-3000

  • RFID Shopping System, which could replace the Bar-code system, can be actually applied to commercial products as well as educational use. RFID Shopping System is not the system identifying each product’s price one by one like bar-code system but the system identifying the whole items at short time through its technology. That is, Reader identifies every goods’ price at one time through tags which are attached to every goods. Total amount of prices loaded in one shopping cart identified by Reader is automatically calculated and the information is transmitted to PC.
  • Put the goods with tag into shopping cart.
  • If the shopping cart passed the counter, RFID Antenna identify the UID information from every goods through the Tag and the information is transmitted to PC server.
  • Every goods information and its prices are displayed on PC monitor calculating total amount of prices and identifying the list of items.
  • If user present RFID Tag(card) to Card Reader, the purchased amount is counted.

RFID-EPC Global Trainer (Model:RFID-EPC)

  • This RFID Training system presents the RFID operation and standardization processes. There are one types of tags – active tag (915MHz). Active tags has a built-in power supply that allows long-distance communication reaching to 13 meters.
  • Training using EPC Global Network
  • Practice for EPC Global Network Theory (Protocol Exercise between Reader and Tag & Middleware Programming)
  • Practice for Tag Data read/write
  • Mapping Tag Data to real product
  • Internet Connection between Reader and Server.
  • Database Construction coinciding Tag Data with Real Product.
  • Middleware Application.

RFIDTrainer Model: RFID-13.56

  • Helps to comprehend configuration and process of the RFID system and enables hardware manufacturing and programming experiment.
  • Student can learn RFID system design skill more effectively, since RFID hardware operation can be observed through experiment.
  • Not firmware but PC based programming trainer.
  • Air Protocol can be programmed by using C, C++.
  • Air Protocol analysis is possible.
  • Student can experiment and comprehend transmission protocols such as Anticollision and ISO15693.


  • Learn basic experiment for signal analyzer.
  • Independent basic RF modules enabling to design and test RF circuit for various educational purposes (Amplifier, Mixer, Filters etc)
  • Through actual experiment, understand the characteristics of RF modules and system.
  • Learn basic theory on RF components and PCB design.
  • Learn Super-heterodyne receiver system.
  • Learn Super-heterodyne transmitter system.
  • Design Super-Heterodyne module system
  • Learn basic theory on RF components and PCB design.


  • Router310 hardware : 2 unit
  • Ethernet cable : 4 ea
  • USB3.0 AM/AF 1.0M Cable : 2 ea
  • Textbook : 2 book
  • Program CD : 1 ea
  • Power Adapter (12.0V, 2.0A) : 2 ea


Satellite-7000 is a integrated system to simulate satellite telecommunication without a real satellite. This system utilizes worldwide popular top-level satellite modems so that operators(customers) can experience its feature-rich function and performance. The system is also designed to adopt Ku-band, the most common and reliable bandwidth, among available satellite frequency bandwidth and provide IP-based interface to accommodate various applications from customers.

Satellite TVRO & Internet

  • Simple design & appearance using standard 19″ rack
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation and transportation
  • Selection among two different polarzation receive frequency (Vertical, Horizontal)
  • Monitoring of IF carrier characteristic from front monitoring panel with Spectrum Analyzer
  • Various TV Broadcasting & Data for internet signal testing
  • IF signal is standard L-band interface (950MHz ~1450MHz)
  • Motorization antenna kit with antenna controller
    – Azimuth(CW, CCW)
    – Elevatation(Up, Down)
  • Various satellite pointing from Antenna controller’s front panel including
  • Monitoring of various satellite signal parameters with the spectrum analyzer and satellite receiver (or VSAT Modem)
    – Satellite name
    – Receive Frequency
    – Signal quality
    – C/N of Receive carrier
    – Brocasting signal type
    – TV & Internet


  • Simple design & appearance using standard 19″ rack
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation and transportation
  • Selection among three different bands in receive frequency bandwidth
  • Monitoring of uplink & downlink IF carrier characteristic from front monitoring panel
  • IP-based various application testing (Video, Data, VoIP)
  • Satellite telecommunication standard L-band interface(950~1,450MHz)
  • Monitoring and configuring of various satellite parameters from modem’s front panel including – Tx Level, Tx Frequency, Eb/No, Data rate, FEC, Modulation & Demodulation Type
  • Motorization antenna kit with antenna controller
    – Polarization (Vertical, Horizontal)
    – Azimuth (CW, CCW)
    – Elevatation (Up, Down)
  • Various satellite pointing from Antenna controller’s front panel

Ubiquitous Sensor Control Training Model System (Model:USN 1000)

  • Educate basic concept of USN Technology to Programming, Hardware practice of Real Time Wireless Sensor Network based on Tiny OS to Atmosphere Environment System, Water Environment System, and Fire Prevention System.
  • By using Commercial USN Communication, Reliabilitiy is confirmed
  • Using IEEE802.15.4 Layer supporting Zigbee Standard Protocol
  • Real Time Wireless Sensor Network Construction based on TinyOS
  • Supply Ethernet, USB, Serial Interface Board
  • Data Transmission and Reception of 30Mbps Indoor and 150Mbps Outdoor at Maximum Speed using Ceramic Chip Antenna
  • Supply Various Sensor Board Optionally(Temperature, Humidity, Light, PIR, Magnetic)
  • Supply Interface Board for Sensor Extension
  • Supply Powerful USN Monitoring Program
  • Supply Sensor Library, Example Source, Technical Document etc., and Assisting Education

Ubiquitous Sensor Control Training Model: USC 5000

  • USC-5000 is similar features to BT-3000 but more compact and slim in design
  • Bread board is added on the Master hardware as an additional feature. This will enable students to design and program control modules on the board
  • We also added Master contents as an optional purchase. CD and Textbook is supplied for 1:7 network experiment with the option

Ubiquitous Sensor Control Training System (Model:USC 7000)

  • USC 7000 system is composed of one Server(Master) and some Clients(Slave). One Server(Master) has 10 ports to be connected to each computer. One Server(Master) can communicate with 10 Clients(Slave) using 10 computers through one by one matching.
  • This trainer helps understanding embedded system and 1:7 bluetooth network communication. Students can design and program their own communication program.
  • It can be connected to several clients through one server, and useful (gainful) to build an ubiquitous sensor control experimental lab.

Wave and Antenna Training System (Model:WATS-2002)

  • An experimental equipment to educate electromagnetic wave propagation in mobile communication and Antenna characteristics such as Radiation patterns, Standing wave, Fading(Phase delay and attenuation), Doppler frequency and Propagation loss.
  • Most experiment is possible without extra measuring equipment.
  • Antenna characteristics measurement.
  • Mobile communication propagation experiment.
  • Propagation modeling & Loss Simulation.
  • Auto Calibration.
  • User interface with GUI windows.

WCDMA-5000 WCDMA Trainer

  • W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is an air interface standard found in 3G mobile telecommunications networks. 3G is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services. Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and mobile TV, all in a mobile
  • WCDMA-5000 gives the understanding for the air interface standard of 3GPP, and the training for the logic design of signal modulation and de-modulation as well as encoding. Also, WCDMA-5000 gives an actual practice for Voice Call Processing, Video Telephony Processing, Hand-off Practice, Power Control Practice etc. Also, it teaches the design method of physical layer software which enables the result of logic design to operate normally.


  • Set the training room as an integrated control center for installation and training.
  • Install the Mesh Node on the roof of a serviced building for WiFi service and training.
  • Install Indoor AP & Outdoor AP along with the Mesh Node on the roof of the building for WiFi service and training.
  • Install NMS program in server to monitor, optimize and control WiFi Network system
  • Install wireless Antennas to test and optimize wireless link performance

WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication Trainer

  • WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication
  • Provides demonstration with windows media player
  • AP (Access Point) receives video streams via server’s Ethernet, sends them to UE (User Equipment) through WiMAX modem
  • UE (User Equipment) receives the data, and sends them to TE (Terminal) via Ethernet for performance
  • Understanding of the embeded software environment and design using Montavista-Linux
  • Understanding of the basic design of MAC software using WiMAX protocol stack
  • Understanding of the basic theory of OFDM modem
  • Design and simulation of MAC software
  • Experiments with real video streams using windows media player

Wireless Embedded Training System (Model:BT-3000)

  • An experimental equipment to educate Wireless control and embedded Technology, application of Telemetric and Industrial product control.
  • Wireless Embedded Training System, BT-3000 was developed to educate wireless control and embedded technology.
  • Its distinguished technology compared to wired embedded system is wireless control using Bluetooth protocol.
  • Wireless embedded technology will be used in application of Home networking, Ubiquitous sensor networking, Telemetric and Industrial control in near future.
  • Through experiment using BT-3000 students learn hardware design and wireless communication protocol easily. Hardware design includes Controller and modules and software design including bluetooth communication protocol.

WOW-4000 MULTI RFID Trainer

  • It has 3 type RFID frequency : 125KHz/13.56MHz/900MHz.
  • It is designed to study characteristic, operation principle & RFID circuit.
  • RFID control using DC FAN, LED lamp, Heating, Outlet & Relay.
  • RFID application experiment : Automatic Counting/Attendance & Materials Management.
  • RFID Tag monitoring & controlling a device using App.
  • Possible to practice a RFID logistic system with WOW-4000APP.

WOW-4027 Wired/Wireless Communication Interface Trainer

  • Learning interface program for wire & wireless communication.
  • Learning design for server & client program.
  • Communication programming experiment using console.
  • Communication programming experiment using GUI environment.
  • Wire communication : RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet/USB/CAN
  • Wireless communication : Bluetooth/LoRA/RF433/IrDA/NFC
  • Device experiment using communication.
    – Step Motor/Text LCD/Dot Matrix/7-segment/Buzzer
    – Temperature Sensor/Humidity Sensor

Zigbee Trainer (Model:ZT 200)

  • ZT-200 provides experiment on Zigbee communication and sensor network based on Zigbee combined with various sensors
  • Experiments on features of various sensors and control of house appliance are available through Zigbee module
  • Experiment on sensor network through Zigbee module is provided
  • Various Expansion through expansion ports is available
  • Experiment environment is constructed in low price by using free compiler