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Automated Classroom Solution

Our Classroom automation system offers scalability and modularity for ease of expansion and supports up to 400 types of different I/O data connection points and we support all common actuator and sensors. The PC-Based building automation systems is flexible and will be tailored to our customers’ requirements. We provide a wide range of building system functions and technologies such as HVAC control, lighting control, access or door control system and remote maintenance system.

Intelligent E-Learning Recording Solution

The All-in-One central recording console is an Enterprise grade server what is able to operate at 24 x 7 with cooling system. Embedded with e-Pro recording software, this Central Recording Console is the heart and brain of the entire solution.

Interactive Classroom Solution

The e-Pro FlexChair is a mobile and flexible designed for quick, easy transitions between room configurations. Unlike conventional school chairs and table, FlexChair can turn from a lecture-based to a collaborative learning mode vice versa, without interruption. FlexChair turn a conventional classroom to an active learning space, supporting individual and team-based learning. The FlexChair is highly mobile chair that comes with a swivel seat that gives students the freedom to shift focus throughout the room. FlexChair comes standard with a big personal table that swivels to place books, laptops with a separate tablet holder and cup holder. The base of the FlexChair provides storage space for backpacks and student belongings.