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Automated Software Testing

  • The LDRA tool suite supports you throughout your software development lifecycle. Our software standards compliance, testing and verification tools are based on industry best practices to help you develop high quality safety- and security-critical products. Many users of the LDRA tool suite are required to certify or qualify their software.
  • The tool suite’s open and extensible platform is unique in its integration of software lifecycle traceability, static and dynamic analysis and unit test and system-level testing on virtually any host or target platform.

LDRA’s software testing tools expedite your certification/approval process through:

  • The provision of traceability for all requirements, design and verification artifacts throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Enforcing compliance with coding standards (industryand user-defined)
  • Automating unit test and system-level test
  • Performing and reporting coverage analysis on all code down to the target level
  • Support for planning and execution of requirements based testing
  • Tool chain integration
  • Automating the generation of software certification and approval evidence

Coding Analyzer Solution (Model:Coding Analyzer-GT700)

  • Coding security : Build Security into the Software
    (1) Semantic based static program analysis engine to detect security weakness in your source code
    (2) Detect and remediate vulnerabilities including XSS and SQL injection
    (3) Follow a strict set of compliance requirements and standards such as CWE, CERT, SANS Top 25, OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS and more.
  • Coding quality : Accurate & efficient Quality Control for SW Development
    (1) Semantic based static program analysis tool to detect quality flaws in your software source code
    (2) Source Code quality analysis tool that can detect issues that can influence performance (ex. Memory leak, null pointer…etc)
  • Support MISRA C++, MISRA C, BSSC, HIS, HIC ++, JPL, JSF C++, MSDN C# and more

Test Automation-700 & QMC

  • One-Script Multi-Test : Various terminal tests with different OS and resolution by a single script.
  • Test without software modifying : Can be tested without S / W modifying such as jailbreaking, rooting,,, etc
  • Apply image recognition technology : : Create sophisticated test scripts in a non-standard GUI environment
  • Automatic test result : Automatic determination of test results by applying OCR technology
  • Perform the same test as the actual load situation
  • Accurate performance diagnosis and validation of service quality