Big Data Management Platform (Model:Big Data-EDU4.0)

  • Big data management tools and technologies are rising in demand all over the world due to the use of big data in business.
  • BigData-EDU4.0 is the integrated big data management platform helping the users to acquire the skills of finding business insights from their data through the practice of big data ingestion, processing, cleansing, storage, delivery, and monitoring.
  • Users can also have a Software training on metadata standardization and management.
  • CE Embedded OS.
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  • Introduction to Big Data Integration & Processing
  • Getting Started with Big Data – EDU 4.0
  • Modules of Big Data – EDU 4.0
  • Foundations of Big Data – EDU 4.0, Data Integration & Storage
  • Big Data Integration with Big Data – EDU 4.0
  • Appliance Product Hardware Platform Server : 1EA (8 Core, 128GB Memory, 1TB Usable)
  • Appliance Product Platform Software (Program CD) : 10EA
  • Client PC : 10 Unit (Not Provided)
  • Installation Manual : 10 Book
  • User’s Manual : 10 Book



Server Version Specs

  • Operating System : Linux Kernel 2.6 or Above
  • CPU : X86 64-Bit, 8Core or Above
  • Compiler : 3.4x Version or Above
  • RAM : 128GB or Above
  • DISK : Usable 1TB or Above


DataONE (DataStream for Hadoop, DataONE Manager)

  • Supports various types of structred and unstructred data collection
  • GUI desiner for ETL processing both to DBMS and Hadoop
  • Flexible data integraton with Hadoop HDFS, Hive, Hbase
  • Distributed parallel processing of both DBMS and SAMFile for bulk loading
  • Supports high performance extraction
  • GUI based Hadoop ecosystem
  • 1:1 data mapping automation
  • Job scheduler for batch processing
  • Supports SQL on Hadoop
  • Multi SQL processing in GUI
  • Easy accessibility to R thru DataONE GUI Manager
  • Remote call and execute R analysis model from DataStream for Hadoop
  • Supports multi-thread processing
  • Web monitoring for operating environments
  • Scale-out capability for securing storage space
  • 150 embedded internal functions for ease of use


Big Data-EDU4.0