• S/W CD : 1 ea
  • Phone Interface Cable (for interface between a mobile terminal and multi DM H/W) : 4 ea (1Slot -4 ea)
  • Multi DM H/W : 1 ea
  • LAN Cable (Connection between H/W and a lap top) : 1 ea
  • AC to DC Inverter : 1 ea
  • GPS Receiver : 1 ea
  • Mobile Phone (4G SIM Card type, or 5G SIM Card type) : 3 ea
  • Manual : 1 book
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CMTS-G8000M supports various Specs like below which is covering 2G & 2.5G and 3G, 4G and 5G (IMT-2020) of mobile technologies in real time operation by connecting with real Base Station.
This system has below features.

  1. Supports Asynchronous & Synchronous ;
    – Asynchronous [transmission] : GSM/GPRS, WCDMA (UMTS). LTE. 5G (IMT-2020).
  2. Provides real time logging and display of Layer 1,2,3 messages, Packet messages (PPP, TCP/IP, UDP), and RF KPIs
  3. Up to 2 mobile terminals and 2 scanners can be put on test simultaneously (2Voice, or 2 Data + 2 Voice/MOS)
  4. Provides quality measurement function for Data Service (FTP, HTTP, Ping/TraceRT, E-Mail, UDP, SMS, WAP,…)
  5. Voice Service (Voice MOS)
  6. Easy Port setting and sophisticated Auto-call scenario setting.
  7. Provides Bench marking test for business customers, mobile terminals and systems.
  8. Provides Real Time Mapping (MapX or MIF) function by interfacing with GPS (NMEA format)
  9. Saves and edits user-defined values
  10. Provides the information about the condition of equipments
  11. Provides convenience for users with GUI
  12. Provides voice alarm function
  13. In-building Mapping as default (BMP file)
  14. Replay Function for simple analysis (easy to use)
  15. 5G (IMT-2020) – NR & Legacy Key benefits
    (1) Supports the wide range of major wireless technologies and chipsets first to the market
    (2) 5G (IMT-2020) NR Analysis has below features ;
    – Best Server PCI & Beam Switch
    – NR-PCI Pollution Analysis
    – Dominant Beam Holding Information
    – NSA Coverage Delta Analysis, Interference Factor Analysis
    – L3 Analysis etc.
    (3) 5G-NR Report : 5G-NR Coverage Analysis Report, 5G-NR RF Comparison Report, etc.
    (4) Root Cause Analysis(RCA) : provides the cause type for the dropped/ failed/ incomplete call
    (5) Scalable, stable platform – either stand-alone or client-server configuration
    (6) Support Pre-defined Customized Report and User Defined Report
  16. 5G (IMT-2020) – NR Key features
    (1) Supported Chipset and Scanner
    – 5G-NR Chipset: Qualcomm, Samsung, Hisilicon(Limited), MTK(TBD), Intel(TBD)
    – 5G-NR Scanner: PCTEL, R&S(Rohde-Schwarz)
    (2) 5G-NR Qualcomm Log Analysis (L1/L2)
    – ML1 Serving Cell Beam Mgmt. / MAC BRS Report(SSB / CSI-RS Beam)
    – ML1 Searcher Init Acquisition / ML1 Searcher Measurement
    – Tx Power Control Info / MAC LL1 CSF Info / MAC RACH MSG1 ~ MSG4
    – MAC PD(U)SCH Info / PDCCH DCI Format Info / PD(U)SCH BLER Info
    – L1 & L2 Throughput / RLC & PDCP Statistics Summary
    (3) 5G-NR Samsung Log Analysis (L1/L2)
    – NR-EUTRA Cell Info / NR-PHY Debug Statistics / NR-PHY PRACH Status
    – L1 & L2 Throughput / NR-PHY PRB / NR-PHY TBS / NR-PHY MCS
    – NR-PHY BLER / RLC & PDCP Statistics Summary, NSA Coverage Delta Analysis
    (4) 5G-NR Log Analysis : L3 (RRC/NAS)
    – Signaling Call Flow and Logging Message Viewer provide the supported parsers from the
    latest RRC / NAS specification. [3GPP TS 38.331 / 24.301 / 24.501(developing)]
    (5) 5G-NR Log Analysis (Slot Level)
    ① Qualcomm
    – MAC DCI Info[Per Slot], MAC PDSCH Statistics[Per Slot], MAC PDSCH Status[Per Slot]
    – MAC LL1 CSF Info[Per Slot]
    ② Samsung>
    – NR-PHY PDSCH Status, NR-PHY PUSCH Status, NR-PHY DCI UL/DL Grant Info
    (6) 5G-NR PCTEL / R&S Log Analysis
    – PCI & Beam Management Info / Top Nth PCI Info
    – NR-PCI Pollution & Interference Analysis / Dominant Cell Holding Info
    (7) 5G-NR Main Tree : Two approaches
    – 5G KPI Main Tree (set of commonly used parameters/ KPIs/ IEs) & Chipset-Specific Main
    – Tree (full set of chipset specific used parameters/ KPIs/ IEs/KPIs)
  17. Legacy features
    (1) Coverage Analysis
    – Able to check real coverage of optimization sector or cell planning by RF data
    (2) Data Filtering Analysis
    – Filtering data by Bad Coverage, Good Coverage, Idle, Traffic stats or user defined condition
    and display result in table/graph/map/window
    (3) In-building Analysis
    – Support In-building condition analysis by inputting map
    (4) Packet Analysis
    – Analyze only packet information for packet data
    (5) Application Analysis
    – Provide APP analysis function and statistical items including Ping/VOD/HTTP in Auto call
    (6) Statistics Analysis
    – Support statistical information for each call and able to analysis with particular parameter
    by synchronize with specific call
    (7) VoLTE Analysis
    – Able to analyze SIP/ RTP packets
    (8) Voice QoS Analysis
    – PESQ/ POLQA based MOS result analysis, Voice mute detection & analysis
    (9) Shell Command based Interface Compatibility
    – Support shell (DOS Prompt) command to link task to 3rd party tool
    (10) Scheduling Processing
    – Automated Task Processing in scheduling in unattended mode
    (11) Root Cause Analysis
    – Provide Root Cause Analysis for log analysis of drop and fail call to voice and data call
    (12) 3GPP/ETSI KPI and Statistics
    – Provide FTP, HTTP, Email, Voice(VoLTE) Statistics and LTE/NB-IoT/UMTS/GSM KPI


  • Auto-Call Script
  • Create Script
  • Call Statistics Window
  • Message Decoding
  • KPIs Graph Display
  • Mapping
  • BTS Information and Serving Line
  • Draw Test Drive Route
  • Trace Function
  • Distance Measurement
  • Draw User defined mark
  • Various setting for the real time mapping window
  • User defined graph
  • User defined table
  • User defined summary info
  • Handoff status using Cell measurement info (for GSM)
  • 3G Handoff Events & 3G to 2G Handoff Events for GSM
  • Trace Back Function
  • GPS Status and GPS Satellite Status
  • Logging Info and Communication Statistics
  • Audible Alarms
  • Hot Key / User Event / Log file path setting
  • BTS Manager
  • Relay


  • Voice MOS (1/4, MOS call statistics and MOS value graph)
  • Voice MOS (2/4, PESQ MOS information)
  • Voice MOS (3/4, PESQ parameters description)
  • Voice MOS (4/4, MOS signal graph and wave format graph)
  • Ping and TraceRT status
  • UDP
  • Voice MOS
  • UDP


  • mobile/modem interface control
  • GPS interface control
  • Digital Scanner interface control
  • Real Time Mapping management
  • RF KPI display and logging control
  • Layer 2 & 3 message display and logging control
  • Packet message display and logging control
  • Autocall script management
  • Alarm & Event management
  • Statistics management
  • Import/Export management


  • Data logging file converting
  • Graph Analysis
  • Spread sheet Analysis
  • Map Analysis
  • Layer 2 & 3 message analysis
  • Packet message analysis
  • Binning control
  • Map display option control
  • Analysis report management
  • Import/Export file management
  • Event analysis
  • CDF/PDF & Statistics management