GSM-5000 GSM Trainer

  • GSM-5000 is the training system enabling users to study GSM/GPRS communication protocol and to experience the
    overall knowledges about mobile communication through GSM module control. To control the GSM module, there is
    advanced set of AT Commands according to GSM ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institutes). GSM-5000 has full training contents of Command Level Study on AT Commands.
  • GSM-5000 is based upon GSM cellular phone and allows for connection to PC for operation and programming.
    This trainer is designed to instruct the students System operation, Theory, Programming, Servicing, Problem diagnosis of GSM cellular mobile systems.
  • GSM-5000 is mainly used for students to learn fundmentals in mobile communication systems such as mobile station network entry, calling process, network signals, AT Commands, Audio communication, Short message services,,,etc. The training covers the command level study with AT Commands, GPRS Intenet Connection, Multiplexer Protocol training and Hardware test experiments, Introduce of Embedded OS system and GUI programming on GSM-5000 through the provided source codes.
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  1. Understanding of GSM
  2. Command for modem & sim card hardware
  3. Network Registration & Command
  4. Call Processing Control & Command
  5. Call Setting & Command
  6. Call Information & Command
  7. Short Message Service (SMS) & Command
  8. Message Setting & Command
  9. Cell ID Check for Handover
  10. Make PPP Connection
  11. Internet Connection with Browser
  12. MUX Driver Load/Unload
  13. Test Multiple Serial Port
  14. Windows CE Configuration
  15. Build & Debugging CE Application
  16. SIM900B Module
  17. Phonebook
  18. Appendix
  • GSM Hardware Platform with GSM Module & Embedded System Board : 1EA
  • AC Adapter : 1EA
  • RS232C Cable for debugging : 1EA
  • Ear Set (Ear Phone + Mic) : 1EA
  • GSM Mobile Phone (user’s mobile phone can be used) : 0
  • Software Installation CD : 1EA
  • User’s Manual : 1EA
  • USIM Card : 1EA



  • OS : Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0
  • CPU : ARM11 500MHz Processor (ATLAS-IV)
  • Memory : 128MB SDRAM, 2G NAND Flash
  • Display Interface : 7inch TFT LCD/800*480 Pixels/Touch Screen
  • Audio : Stereo Audio CODEC, Built-in Speaker, MIC for GSM
  • Output : Data indication LED, Debug Serial Port/USB 2.0 Port
  • Power : 5V, 1.5A AC
  • SIM : Built-in SIM Card Slot/1.8V, 3V SIM Card Support
  • GSM/GPRS Features


  • Software Spec
  • Training for Software


GSM-5000 GSM Trainer