Intelligent E-Learning Recording Solution

The All-in-One central recording console is an Enterprise grade server what is able to operate at 24 x 7 with cooling system. Embedded with e-Pro recording software, this Central Recording Console is the heart and brain of the entire solution.


Full HD recording
Recording is recorded in Full HD H.264 video coding and AAC audio coding. H.264 High Profile is a breakthrough compression technology that cuts telepresence and video bandwidth requirements by up to 50 percent. H.264 and AAC coding provides high definition video at half the bandwidth while maintaining is high definition quality.

No Additional Post Editing Required
Signals from 3 camera and computer are automatically combined and ready to publish immediately. Therefore anyone can create their own video lecture with the e-Pro class capture system. For those who require additional post editing, the videos can be saved in their most original format which can works with any other video editing software. Video are SCORM 1.2 compliance and saved in FLV, MP4 and TS format.

Multi-Screen recording with Smart Directing
The e-Pro recording software comes with image tracking which will swap screen based on the class environment. Camera screen will be automatically swap based on the location of teacher / lecturer and the students’ engagement. Recording can be recorded in single screen, double screen or triple screen.

Input from computer will be connected directly to the recording console. This will display the signal from teachers/lecturers’s computer such as Presentation slide, video, PDF and any other files that is presented in the class/lecture.

In single screen mode, screen will be swapped based on where the teachers / lecturers’s position or when there is input from computer. Double screen is when 2 screen will be shown side by side and Triple screen is when all 3 screen will be shown without any screen swapping – ideal for distance learning

Schedule recording
Recording can be configured as fully automatic with the preset schedule recording. This will a llow the administrator to set the recording start/stop time thus user do not have to operate the recording console. Otherwise the system can be configured to manual operation where the teachers/lecturers can choose when to record

Online streaming
Support online live streaming of class to multiple location. Live streaming is performed via rt mp, rtsp, HLS and streamed to live streaming server for external location. Local streaming within network can be achieved using built-in rtsp and HLS protocol to at least 50 concurrent user. Streaming quality can be set to as high as 1080p definition.

Browser based and support multiple platform
Recording software is operated from the browser based interface. Therefore the recording can be accessed by any platform including Windows®, iOS® and Android®. This will allow the students to access the material from any device and any locations.

Voice Recording: Condenser Microphone & DSP Mixer
In order to capture the actual class situation, it is important to capture the voice of both the teachers/lecturers and students without additional wearbale device/microphone. Therefore the voices of the teachers/lecturers and students are recorded from the ceiling mounted multi directional condenser microphone. Equipped with noise cancellation multi directional condenser microphone and DSP audio mixer, the voices captured are automatically processed with synchronization with video, noise cancellation and voice balancing to obtain a superior voice quality.

Video recording
Video are captured with 3 wall mounted IP camera. 2 wide angle lense will focus on teachers/lecturers panaromic view (for teaching) and students’ panaromic view (for students engagement) while 1 tele-lense will focus and zoom to the whiteboard in front of the classroom. All the cameras are powered by POE thus no additional cabling required. With 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the HD video captured can reach up to 1920 x 1080 definition. Some of the standard features include, SenseUp + technology for low light video capture, 2D WDR, AGC and 3D noise cancellation.

Gigabit POE Switch and Wireless Access Point
All the devices are connected to the 8 port Gigabit POE switch that provides both power (up to 30W) and data transmission. Each port support MDI/MDIX auto flip with IEEE802.3at/af standards. A Dual Band Wireless Access point (AP) is provided to support mobility and tablet learning. The wireless AP is compliance to IEEE802.11AC which support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz for faster and wider range. The classroom administrator can configure up to 32 different SSID for different application and network.

All-in-One Sound System
Audio are output through the wall mounted all-in-one wireless speaker. Built-in with ACT® pairing technology and 97 different UHF channel, every teachers/lecturers can have their own personal microphone. Teachers/lecturers thus pair their microphone before the session. Once the session is completed, they can bring the microphone to another class and pair with another compatible speaker where UHF channel is automatically paired.