Interactive Classroom Solution

The e-Pro FlexChair is a mobile and flexible designed for quick, easy transitions between room configurations. Unlike conventional school chairs and table, FlexChair can turn from a lecture-based to a collaborative learning mode vice versa, without interruption. FlexChair turn a conventional classroom to an active learning space, supporting individual and team-based learning. The FlexChair is highly mobile chair that comes with a swivel seat that gives students the freedom to shift focus throughout the room. FlexChair comes standard with a big personal table that swivels to place books, laptops with a separate tablet holder and cup holder. The base of the FlexChair provides storage space for backpacks and student belongings.


Mobile Charging Cart
e-Pro Charging Cart CT48P provides a safe storage for mobile classroom device namely tablets (Android®, iOS® or laptops). CT48P built with steel body with lock to prevent theft and handle for easy manoeuvre. The CT48P comes with an intelligent power module that provides a smart timer during charging. The smart timer will maximize charging options by allowing user to set the duration needed for specific applications. Constant power will provide constant power supply to all devices; Timer mode will provide a specific charging time for certain device; rotation mode will rotate the power among all the devices for a more equal power distributions.

All in One Multimedia Digital Podium
Digital Podium comes with a movable podium for usage in auditorium or classroom. Comes with a built-in 19” All-in-One Touch Panel, the podium can project screen to any compatible wireless display that supports screen mirroring. The SR810P comes with built-in amplifier and speaker for classroom usage or compatible with majority auditorium sound system.

Digital Visualizer
Perfect for use in education, presentations, seminars, tele-conference, medical and various image processing works. Document Camera is the most versatile presentation tool around. Use it to display slides, text, 3-D objects, and microscopic objects. AVA Digital Visualizer series offer wide range of selections from affordable, features rich to high quality.

In Education :

  • Stimulating student to share live image of 2D or 3D object with conference participation
  • Zoom in a small items to see details
  • Demonstration
  • Display X-rays and other material on a large screen
  • Show experiment or research progress and result clearly

Interactive SMART LED Touch Panel
As an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage them in ways that expand their knowledge. Newline Interactive makes it easier to keep students interested during class with tools designed for better collaboration and more ways to learn. Allowing students to collaborate and be part of the lesson is easy with any interactive display, unless you lose the accompanying smart pen. To make it easier for your class, Newline displays don’t use smart pens. Any student can interact using one of our tech-free pens, or their hands. No smart pens mean it’s okay if a student accidentally walks out with the pen, your class can still continue to learn without limitations.

  • Android system is embedded
  • Connecting OPS to OPS slot and turn into windows device
  • User can connecting PC to LED Panel by USB cable and control PC from LED Panel screen
  • User can project picture, videos and document in IOS or android device such as smart phone, iPad, table, and etc.
  • Has environmental friendly mode Eco mode. With Eco mode, the power consumption can be reduced up to 120 W
  • System allows users to retrieve data from external storage system via USB storage

System supports display all standard internet browsing content i.e. HTML5, YouTube and other multimedia and video streaming content.

Come with ‘ideamax’ software
System allows the whole screen area fully function for:

  • 10 point touches writing (i.e. 2 users or more can write at the same time on the screen).
  • support multi-color pen function with variable writing line thickness, variable pen style such as highlighter, smart/intelligent pen
  • System provide a real-time response for both writing and erasing functions i.e. similar responsiveness to write and erase on a conventional white board.
  • User can choose to erase a slide, region of the slide, or certain pixels
  • Has video playback capability and able to perform two (2) or more videos playback concurrently.
  • able to display and support annotation functions inside the “white boarding” application
  • Allows all images on interactive screen to be captured and stored as a file.
  • System able to record all action on ‘whiteboard’
  • System able to perform real time on screen recording and stored as a video file.
  • Allows any smooth objects shall be used as a writing pen including human fingers, stylus. Similarly the same object can be used as an erasing function
  • Allow user to cut, copy or paste any selected area on the interactive screen.
  • The handwriting/drawing able to be selected for editing purposes e.g. resize
  • Auto launch of “white boarding” or writing application on system start up.
  • Provide the functions of printing, print preview, and printing part of slide.
  • Has select mode that allows user to select objects on the slide and activate flash objects.
  • Hand-drawn graphics can be recognized by the intelligent pen, such as lines, angles, triangles, etc.
  • Allow user create a new screen slide, white slide, or black slide according to user needs
  • Able to scroll the slide to use the screen unlimitedly

MODEL : RS Series
MODEL : VN Series