RFID Logistic System RFID-5000


By deploying RFID Reader and Antennas to the path where the goods are input and destributed, user could know the followings ;

  • Ordering status from PC monitor which RFID operation S/W is downloaded
  • Input information of goods such as item, price and quantity.
  • Stock status which is stored into the rack
  • Inferior goods information which is sorted out while moving from input conveyor belt to rack.
  • Delivery order information
  • Distributing goods information after transporting to ordered place

As above process information is acquired by tag sticked on every goods. That is, if the good is passed over one place to another the good’s information is identified by Reader, Antenna and Tag. The information is transmitted to PC and its trace counted by RFID Logistic System. In conclusion, user can learn how to deploy and test RFID systems under real-world conditions to increase efficiency and cut costs & etc.

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  • Warehousing of Goods Storing Rack
  • Shifting Devices for Storage
  • Goods Delivery Devices
  • Control Box
  • Sensor
  • Conveyor
  • PLC Unit
  • RFID Devices


RFID Logistic System RFID-5000