• Router310 hardware : 2 unit
  • Ethernet cable : 4 ea
  • USB3.0 AM/AF 1.0M Cable : 2 ea
  • Textbook : 2 book
  • Program CD : 1 ea
  • Power Adapter (12.0V, 2.0A) : 2 ea
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This is a educational equipment which enables user to have training on Embedded Programming
Practice on Internet Environment.

  1. Learn the concept of network using all sorts of TCP/IP & applying protocols
    and managing systems
  2. Learn Embedded programming practice of TCP/IP protocol suite
  3. TCP / IP protocol analysis
  4. Affordable to gain skills about how to use a network system
  5. Gain practical experience about the concept required for understanding and managing network basics including embedded Linux porting
  6. Understand basics of the Internet, TCP/IP architecture and protocols
  7. Ideal for learning the concept of networks, firewall system configuration, router (RIP, OSPF) configuration, web server configuration, VPN practice by using IPSec, or Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
  8. Embedded program porting practice
  9. Practice for Embedded Programming Application
  10. Router 310 is to learn about OpenWRT based routers development that is rated as one of the most excellent embedded OS platform for network equipment.
  11. User can learn about the target firmware programming to develop a router device as well as the routing protocols RIP, OSPF implementation.
  12. Router310 is the training equipment enabling the development a variety of high-end network equipment such as IDS, VPN, IoT(Internet of Things) Smart gateway which is recently & rapidly being emerged.