Satellite-7000 is a integrated system to simulate satellite telecommunication without a real satellite. This system utilizes worldwide popular top-level satellite modems so that operators(customers) can experience its feature-rich function and performance. The system is also designed to adopt Ku-band, the most common and reliable bandwidth, among available satellite frequency bandwidth and provide IP-based interface to accommodate various applications from customers.

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  1. Simple design & appearance using standard 19″ rack
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Easy installation and transportation
  4. Selection among three different bands in receive frequency bandwidth
  5. Monitoring of uplink & downlink IF carrier characteristic from front monitoring panel
  6. IP-based various application testing (Video, Data, VoIP)
  7. Satellite telecommunication standard L-band interface(950~1,450MHz)
  8. Monitoring and configuring of various satellite parameters from modem’s front panel including
    – Tx Level
    – Tx Frequency
    – Eb/No
    – Data Rate
    – FEC
    – Modulation&Demodualtion Type
  1. Satellite modem Tx parameter configuration (Data Rate, Modulation, FEC, IP etc.)
  2. Satellite modem Rx frequency and level configuration
  3. Transmitting and monitoring of L-band frequency
  4. Frequency conversion and amplifying of L-band(950~1450 MHz) to Ku band(14.0~14.5 GHz)
  5. RF frequency conversion (14.0~14.5 to 12.25~12.75 GHz)
  6. RF signal level control in Ku-band (20 dB/min)
  7. Satellite modem Rx parameter configuration (Data Rate, Modulation, FEC, etc.)
  8. Receiving and monitoring of L-band frequency
  9. C/N measurement from spectrum analyzer
  10. Test data transmit and receive