• Helps users understand solar energy generating system by combining light source, charging controllers, converter, inverter, etc as a module.
  • Provides customized power generation system designing practices for manufacturing commercial products or practical training.
  • Every module is controlled through computer and has test pins for users to measure characteristics of each circuit.
  • Every module can be powered by battery during practices.
  • Power efficiency of each module is displayed on GUI in real time.
  • Incident angle of light source can be changed.
  • Each chapter of text book has objective of practice, theories, practices and report.


  • Overview and composition of solar energy generation
  • Types and characteristics of solar cell
  • I-V characteristics of solar cell
  • Serial/parreral connection characteristics of solar cell
  • Understanding PWM control circuit
  • PWM power control by using microcontroller
  • Practices about applications of PWM power control
  • Overview of converter
  • Designing StepUp converter
  • Designing StepDown converter
  • Overview and types of inverter
  • Designing insulation inverter
  • Designing not insulation inverter
  • Overview of charging/discharging system
  • PC monitoring practice by using GUI / Appendix DATA SHEET(LM2576, LM2577, TL494)
  • Understanding Structure & Concept of Solar Energy Geration System
  • Understanding & Designing Energy Conversion Process
  • Understanding Structure & Principles of Various Inverters & Converters
  • Users can Analyze Difference in Energy Generating Efficiency According to Incidence Angle of Light
  • Supports Capacity Expansion Practice Through Serial/Parallel Connection of Solar Cells
  • Supports Tracking System Control Practices Using Microprocessor
  • Beep Sounds when Connecting Module to Other Module with Opposite Polarity


  • Solar cell : 6V 2.5W(6EA) , tracking system (option)
  • Light source : 500W Halogen lamp
  • Battery : 12V 12Ah Non-leakage and sealed battery
  • Charge Controller : DC6-40V ==> DC12V Charge (Step Up, Step Down method)
  • Rapid Charger : AC220V – DC 15V 2A (PWM method)
  • DC/DC Converter : DC12V – DC230V (PWM method)
  • DC/AC Inverter : DC230V – AC220V (PWM method)
  • FlyBack Inverter : DC12V – AC220V(PWM method)
  • AC Load : Incandescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp, AC motor
  • DC Load : LED, DC motor